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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Small Breasted Women.

This is a tribute to Small-Breasted Women. Although I doubt whether anybody has tried to document it, I would venture to guess that there are fewer small-breasted women than in the past since so many women have opted to increase the size of their breasts surgically. That’s why today, clothing manufacturers add fabric to tops to accommodate larger breasts, even on small sized clothing.
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Since bras are hard to find in small sizes, most small-breasted women have a terrible time finding one that fits. When sporting a t-shirt or other fitted garment, a small-breasted woman with an ill-fitting bra often looks lumpy chested. What’s worse, if she’s not filling out her gently padded cups she’s bound to cave in when giving someone a hug. Not terribly sexy. Nevertheless, choosing to have small breasts is admirable in my opinion. It takes great conviction to find ready to wear clothing that fits, what’s more, the petite woman must endure a media that regards being “bigger” as being sexier.

Screen Sirens Of Yesteryear

Hollywood in the 30’s had no problems with small-breasted women as long as they could act. Screen sirens of Hollywood’s golden age rarely displayed a deep cleavage, but they were sultry, intelligent, humorous and sexy. Today if you’re not sporting big ka-jungies it’s a lot tougher to get noticed and if you do make it into the Hollywood roster you run the risk of being accused being anorexic.
In the 20’s 30’s and 40’s, if you were petitely proportioned, as was the brilliant comedic actress Myrna Loy, film studios simply gave you a clever costume. As you can see above, both the fur trim as well as the ruffled bodice on Myrna’s gowns enhances her neckline and gives her the illusion a fuller profile.
Another seductive costume treatment for the mammary challenged performer was a cropped top with a high-banded cup holder. In the third photo above, you can see that since Loy lacked cleavage, costumers focused in on what was left. The costume demonstrates what even the smallest women can flaunt – perky little breast bottoms peeking out from beneath the top. It’s probably the only instance where gravity does something to enhance the beauty of the human body.
Claudette Colbert. Small Breasted Women
Claudette Colbert. Small Breasted Women
In the 20’s and thirties you could still be considered a bombshell even if your bullets were only the size of BB’s. Claudette Colbert who later starred with Clark Gable in the Oscar Winning film “It Happened One Night” demonstrates that when you’re almost flat, a low cut gown can go lower on you than your buxom sister.
Speaking of Hollywood Bombshells, Mae West and Jean Harlow while not exactly small-breasted, were women whose sexual allure became legendary because of their sex appeal, not because of their breasts.
Back then, all you had to do to be sexy was to powder your face, pluck off your brows and wear a feather boa or a fur wrap, and a sexy smirk. I think now that fur is (almost) out and silicone is in, we’re faced with a real dichotomy of beauty ethics – naturally enhanced beauty or surgically enhanced beauty?
Mae West and Jean Harlow. Small Breasted Women
Mae West and Jean Harlow. Small Breasted Women

Sex Goddesses Of The 50’S And 60's

Moving through history…The Fifties were the era of bullet bras, Anita Ekberg, Sophia Lauren, Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe movies. These women had naturally large bosoms and while they weren’t all great talents, they were all considered super-sex goddesses.
Audrey Hepburn, broke the mold. This tiny-breasted movie star was such a good actress and such a great beauty, nobody noticed that she never revealed any sign of having a bust – even at her sexiest in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”.
Twiggy. Small Breasted Women
Twiggy. Small Breasted Women
Injected silicone for breast enlargement was available but was still a dodgy procedure, not recommended for women who were concerned about silicone slipping out of the breast area into unthinkable nether regions. Implants were in the earliest stages production.
Twiggy, the superstar model of the 60’s became famous for her sexy face and shapeless body. Overnight, flat was back in fashion. Twiggy even made Mae West look busty.
Keira Knightly vs Jennifer Love Hewitt
Keira Knightly vs Jennifer Love Hewitt
Today there are far fewer flat-chested superstars. Keira Knightly who is unabashedly flat is also one of those talented actors who are been accused of being anorexic. I wish the press would get it right. Keira’s body is no thinner than Jennifer Love Hewitt’s except for the fact that her mammaries aren’t massive.
Even Lady GaGa is (so far) of modest proportion. The reining queen of pop and exotic costumes is seen here in all her well-proportioned glory, proving if you know how to wrap ‘em and strap ‘em you’ll look killer no matter how far they protrude.
I don't believe svelte Natalie Portman would have been cast as Nina in "Black Swan" had she had breast implants. I'm hoping her Oscar win along with the film's success will re-popularize the natural beauty of small breasted women.
Another Academy Award winner and outspoken small-breasted woman, Sandra Bullock joked about recent rumors that she was planning a breast augmentation.
“I need surgery. I’m getting some boobs. I think that’s my
problem. All my brains are in my butt, they’re not in my chest.
“I want to be the bimbo, I want to be looked at as the bimbo, purely as a
sexual object. I’ve been working for that for a very long time.”

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