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Friday, 25 January 2013

Ambrosio showcases.

"It was perfect for me," Ambrosio said. "I felt they made it for me. It's very romantic." But she's not nervous, saying: "I'm pretty calm, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time."
The 31-year-old first graced the Victoria's Secret runway in 2004, when she wore lingerie made entirely out of candy. In 2008, she walked just three months after giving birth to her first child, Anja, and last year sported the heaviest set of angel wings ever made for the show whilst secretly two months pregnant with her second baby.
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will air on CBS in the United States on December 4.

Last week it was leaked that Brazilian super Alessandra Ambrosio would be the heavenly body to model Victoria's Secret's jewel-encrusted lingerie at this year's upcoming catwalk extravaganza, and now we can see what the multi-million dollar set looks like.Each year, a chosen Angel dons a one-off, custom-made 'Fantasy Bra' to close the much-publicised show. Last year the honour was given to Miranda Kerr, but this time Ambrosio will take up the gauntlet just seven months after the birth of her second child, a son named Noah.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Heritage fashion..

Ritu Ghai from Delhi asks you to explore your design sense and wear a little colour yourself.
MAnish Arora 1

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Anchal Chanda’s creations in Australian Fashion .

 collections showcases in New York
Anchal Chand
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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Me To You...

Word on the streets of New York is that there is a very talented new photographer named Jamie Beck. She and her fiancée create these unique images she calls “cinemagraphs” – more than a photo, but not quite a video. Whatever they are, they’re badass.

Wonderful Wild

wild mushroomsWith their large caps and slender stems, wild mushrooms can sometimes look like small forest people, hiding in the grass or bundled up together in groups. Whether they’re dancing to Tchaikovsky or just standing silently for a photographer, the peculiar appearance of mushrooms continues to be a source of inspiration, imagination and beauty.
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Sea Star

Slated to open in 2014, the Greenstar is to be a floating hotel and conference center off the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The island nation is the world's lowest-lying country, making it among the most threatened by anticipated climate change-induced sea level rise.
Designed by Waterstudio.NL to blend in with its ocean surroundings, the Greenstar will have room for 800 overnight guests and 2,000 conference attendees.
Intended to be highly efficient, the development's small environmental footprint is a tribute to the country's determination to fight global warming, according to Waterstudio.NL architects. Appropriately enough, organizers intend the Greenstar to be the number one meeting place for global climate change discussions.

Smoke rises from burning waste on Thilafushi, Maldives, the lowest-lying country on Earth—and therefore among the most threatened by potential sea level rise, which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates could total up to 23 inches (60 centimeters) by 2099.

The Everglades has had its share of troubles, from invasive pythons to polluted waters to damaging recreation practices (pictured, power boats slice through seagrass beds).
But the low-lying ecosystem of saw grass and mangroves could be permanently altered if it's inundated with salt water due to sea level rise in coming decades, according to the U.S. National Park Service.
Core samples, tide-gauge readings, and satellite measurements show that, over the past century, the global mean sea level has risen by 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters), according to the U.S. Global Change Research Program.
Under some projections, the remaining pine tracts in Everglades National Parkmay completely disappear with the influx of salt water. In addition, the park's shallow marshes—home to species such as the Cape Sable seaside sparrow, listed as endangered by the U.S.—could also shrink.

You can’t visit Ontario and not visit Niagara Falls.
Why not? Because these are the most powerful waterfalls in all of North America and they are too big, too beautiful and too wondrous to pass up. The only problem is that several millions of other people feel the same way. More than 12 million per year, in fact. It’s a busy place.
Like so many, I visited Niagara Falls as a young child. I came back as a teenager and then again last week. They seemed less gargantuan than when I was eight, but nonetheless, I was quite happy to see that they’re still there. In popular culture, Niagara Falls has become a touchstone of permanence, a symbol that no matter what, some things never change.
Humans are forever awed by the falls and I am no exception. I am still in awe of them and the awesome things they inspire people to do: going over in barrels, walking high wires, writing epic poems and attempting daredevil feats.
In the year of 2011, there is very little that I can add to the wealth of human adoration for Niagara Falls. All I have to offer is this handful of iPhone pics, some of which I snapped from a swift helicopter ride over the falls. They may fall short of the standards set by the Hudson River School, but it’s my own little digital contribution to the ongoing love affair with the impressive and mighty Niagara Falls.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Beautiful Hot & Happening.

Salwar Kameez is very famous in one of the dresses in Pakistan. Normal routine Women wear it regular but on weddings Women wear bridal Salwar Kameez to make their-self beautiful.A wedding is always .

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Boutique New Bridal Dresses 2013

Munaxa Design house has recently unveiled Latest Bridal Wear SleevelessFor Women. Munaxa Design house is home is a fashion wholebased mostly in capital of Pakistan. Recently, Munaxa Bridal wear new assortment 2013 was free. It furnishes stylish evening and casual wear outfits for the trendy girls.
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Feet Mehndi Designs 2013

Agha Collection

Karachi fashion week has started on 6th October and will end on 9th October 2011. In this four day event many top local and international designers are displaying their creations. About 32 fashion designers are participating in this event. Among the list of these 32 fashion designers, Sanam Agha made her own place. She is one of the very talented fashion designer and actress of Pakistan.  Sanam Agha stands out among the others because of her very innovative creation of cocktail frocks and stunning bridal wear on the ramp of Karachi fashion week.  Lets take a look at Sanam Agha collection at Karachi fashion week 2011.
Sanam Agha bridal wear collection at karachi fashion week 2011
wedding dresses by sanam agha 2011-12
bridal wear at karachi fashion week
beautiful frocks collection by sanam agha
sanam agha frocks at karachi fashion week
ayan ali at karachi fashion week
sanam agha latest collection at karachi fashion week – day 1


After a first look yesterday, new images of the Air Jordan 9 “Calvin Bailey” have emerged. White stitching contrasts the blue and yellow coloring on this tribute to the fictitious Gary basketball player created during Michael Jordan’s retirement. Do the latest images change your opinion at all?
Air Jordan 9 "Calvin Bailey"
Air Jordan 9 “Calvin Bailey”
Air Jordan 9 "Calvin Bailey"
Air Jordan 9 “Calvin Bailey”


Hitting shelves this weekend is the Air Jordan 13 Black/Red. Set to go on sale at Jordan Brand retailers, the shoe, referred to by some as the “Bred” 13s, appears poised to immediately appease Jordan fans. The iconic sneakers will release on January 12, 2013 with a $170 price tag. Will you cop or drop this classic silhouette?

The Air Jordan 13 represents the culmination of Michael Jordan’s career as a Chicago Bull, and what better color to highlight the silhouette than black and red. The color combination is a favorite over almost any basketball sneaker and looks especially nice when you think of the history behind it. Look for the Air Jordan 13 Black/Red to hit store shelves in 2013.
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red