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Saturday, 23 March 2013

bad girl

After "suddenly" famous for sex scandal scandal with a soccer athlete, Zahia Dehar "legacy go ahead" penetrate into the interior design industry.
Zahia Dehar was born in 1992 in Algeria. When only 16 years old Zahia Dehar was involved in a shocking sex scandal that the people involved are the players in the French national football team Franck Ribéry and Karim Benzema. The story happens in April / 2008 when French police dismantled a hard prostitutes at the bar Zaman Cafe in Paris. Zahia Dehar had a shocking testimony to admit that she had a relationship with Ribery when only 16 years old. In addition, one of her clients have names like Sydney Govou, Karim Benzema - all of which are members of the team shirt Lam. An investigation began in 2010 just before the France squad to attend the FIFA World Cup 2010. It was therefore time the names of Zahia filled all the French media. But the last two players Franck Ribéry and Karim Benzema were acquitted instead sentenced to 3 years £ and phatt 40,000 treatment.
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Eyebrows can become a great point

Then as now, the girls almost exclusively focused to care little for the eyes with eyeliner lines LEM identity or sweet pastel tone. Any little girl to notice your natural eyebrows to make them into something great accessories add beauty to your face.Dark, light, sharp, diagonal, horizontal shape of the eyebrows can be a pretty big impact on your face colors, so why not start to notice them now? Let's learn a few ways to help you guys eyebrows effective than offline.
Raising the eyebrows
To help the guys eyebrows are easy, natural and smoother, raising eyebrows is a bulleted need of the girls. You try to keep them longer possible to get the most natural eyebrows frame. Thus, the drawing and painting eyebrows in accordance with the trend in recent years will become much easier.
Brush eyebrows
Before, guys eyebrows you need to brush them and create the framework for your eyebrows. This is considered as an important step before you make your eyebrows guys. At the first time when you want to shape your eyebrows, the eyebrow brush will not be as desired. Therefore, you should seek a professional to help you create a beautiful frame for the eyebrows. Then care for your eyebrows and trimming away the eyebrows TT will become easier.
Appropriate choice of colors
Pick a color like that for the guys eyebrows is an important step for the ladies. If the color is too bright or too dark can lead to change "abnormal" on your face. The trick here is to choose the color lighter than your natural hair color a bit. Do not be afraid to try different color swatch as well as different products to find the most suitable choice.
Who gently
When operating on the eyebrows, you need to pay attention not to over-emphasize hands. Instead, use small, soft brush and gently disperse over your eyebrows in a natural frame line of the eyebrows. You start from the foot of the eyebrows then guys upward and gently brush along the predefined frame.
When you guys eyebrows, make sure that you are disperse and are most suitable.Do not worry if your eyebrows after those who are not the same color together.Just the tail and upper eyebrow reasonable is pressed, the eyebrows inward usually paler. When finished the guys eyebrows and still not feeling like what you see, you can use color or a cotton makeup to handle.
Polished gel
For the last step you have who finished two eyebrows. When applying the first layer of gel cleaning, your eyebrows will maintain shape and ensure that no "cause" any accidents makeup for you. As such, you will have all day to work, meet friends without having to worry about your eyebrows.
Highlight for eyebrows
After you have finished, use concealer, highlight or translucent powder to help highlight the brow line you just drew. Shed concealer under the brow just who help lines in sharper more angular and prominent eyebrows. This will not only help you paint the highlights for eyebrows, but also help "clean up" the the eyebrows excessive Lord on order.

For the dressing style

You are looking for a makeup style is both natural and glamorous? Facial make-up of the 70 would be the perfect choice for you.
If you use the dark red lipstick or dark, then try to change to the new and brighter colors. You can choose fresh colors such as pink, peach or nude lip gloss color.We will give your lips plump and full of charm.
Sparkling eye shadow
Eye makeup is an important step because it determines the style that you are aiming for. Each eye has its own beauty, so to eyes sparkling become a natural way you need:
- Use pencil or black eyeliner lined eyelids. For the dressing style of the '70s, sharp eyes lem is outstanding characteristics.
- Select a color chalk line to highlight the eyes. If your skin is light color, choose pastel pale blue or silver. Also with tacit skin, you should use brown or green.
- Brush mascara is an indispensable step makeup, but you should not polished thick mascara. Mascara brown or coffee color is the new choice for you.
- For your eyes more depth, you can use false eyelashes.
Shine skin
Foundation options match the color of the skin is the most important first step and to get smooth skin. You should use creams with high humidity and ingredients from natural to restrict the ability to do damage to the skin if the make-up constantly.Besides, pale pink blush is also a suggestion to create a feeling of stretched skin full of vitality.
Light brown skin like tanned leather is another characteristic of the style of the '70s.So you can use a brown background cream or brown blush spread over to animate virtual tanned when you do not have a natural skin like that.
Impressive makeup
But style is gentle makeup application, but you can still kind of make up for the gala. Just change the color of dark red lipstick, slightly smoky eyes and adding little blush confident impression you can become the focal point of the party. Choose creamy blush so that it can penetrate deep into the skin and keep the color longer, more natural. And remember to always choose a color close to your natural skin color to a bright face and radiant vitality.

Avoiding accidental clicks Pt. 2: Use the right product - Inside AdSense

Avoiding accidental clicks Pt. 2: Use the right product - Inside AdSense

Monday, 18 March 2013

Milk Dark Collection Tainted .

sprated 3/5Butter London Jaffa
I should have come here before ordering. Some day I will learn. Butter London describes this as "A juicy, orange nail
sprated 2/5Tokyo Milk Dark Collection Tainted Love
From reading the description I thought this would be a unique scent.. even from smelling the bottle it smells like CK Euphoria
sprated 5/5Estee Lauder Double Wear
This foundation is sooo amazing. I was debating whether to get MAC Studio Fix Fluid or Estee Lauder Double Wear. I'm so glad
sprated 5/5NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder
I used Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quarter Air Sensation for years and I really love it. But this powder is absolutely

Wildlife Photography.

Wildlife photography can be very difficult and because of that, it is very rewarding. Getting all the stars to align for that perfect animal image can be very frustrating, so here I have laid out seven tips to help take your wildlife photography to the next level.
1. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact!
Eye contact is one of the most important elements of wildlife photography. If the animal is looking right down the barrel of your lens, it creates a connection between the subject and viewer. The viewer is more drawn to an animal making eye contact with the camera, than an animal that is disinterested and looking the other way. With direct eye contact, the animal takes on a personality and the image becomes more interesting.
Eye contact helps the viewer to connect with the animals.
2. Control the vibrations
If you are using a long telephoto lens (200mm or more) lay your arm out across the barrel of the lens to dampen the vibrations.  A big telephoto lens magnifies even the smallest vibrations from the shutter and a hand laid out on the lens will help to stop the vibrations from hurting your image. This will lead to sharper photos and happier photographers.
wildlife photographer
This technique can lead to sharper images.
3. Follow the food
Sometimes, finding animals to photograph is the hardest part. A great way to find animals to is to follow the food they eat. Animals, whether carnivore or omnivore, have to eat and if you know what or where they hunt, that can be a great place to start looking for your subject. Images of animals eating or hunting can also be much more interesting and exciting.
By knowing where the fish enter Mono Lake, I was able to find the ospreys when they showed up for dinner.
4. Incorporate the environment
One of my favorite ways to photograph wildlife is by showing them in their natural habitat. Not only does it give you the possibility to combine landscape and wildlife, it gives context to the image. The environment tells a larger story and helps the viewer understand the life of the animal better.
By including the Towers in this image, the viewer gains a better appreciation for the Guanaco’s natural environment.
5. Shoot it wide
Sure wildlife photographers make their money with the telephoto lens, but don’t be afraid to switch it out for a wider focal length. Wide-angle lenses can convey a totally different feeling and atmosphere than a telephoto shot. Remember the old photojournalist rule: get the tight, medium, and wide shots to fully tell the story.
Zebra Sky
A wide angle focal length can create a more compelling image.
6. Shoot fast and often
Unlike scenic landscapes, animals are always moving and changing behavior. Every once and a while, a special “moment” happens. Always be ready for these moments to happen and take as many photos as you can. Use continuous shutter mode and keep taking photos, only taking time to view them after you are done. You might take 1000 frames, but if one has that “moment”, its worth it!
I made hundreds of exposures of these giraffes, but only this frame had their heads all lined up like this.
7. Be patient
Last but not least, be patient. Animals are on their own schedule and rarely accommodate visiting photographers. Ask any of the top wildlife photographers and they will tell you waiting is a key part of the job. It may take hours, days, or weeks, but stay focused and when the opportunity finally presents itself, you will be ready to nail the shot!
I waited two hours outside the den of this fox, finally he came out for about thirty seconds before retreating back into the ground.

the game

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Five Lands sea.

"It's a long summer in Portofino" - you know. It starts early and ends late. But the Riviera is not only superekskluzywne private marina full of yachts and designer clothes designers worldwide. Just behind the Portofino begins Five Lands. Cinque Terre - the most beautiful towns of Liguria.
Fabulously colorful Vernazza is considered to be the most wonderful town of Cinque Terre.  Situated on a steep hill on three sides by the sea oblanym, captivating colors / © 123RF/PICSEL
Fabulously colorful Vernazza is considered to be the most wonderful town of Cinque Terre. Situated on a steep hill on three sides by the sea oblanym, captivating colors
People in Corniglii - one of the Cinque Terre - urzekli me the most. All smiling, chatty, helpful. Maybe it's because here in the north-west coast of Italy, life is something else. You can feel it everywhere.That's probably why I decided to stay here for longer.

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Diversifying revenue sources in an e-commerce site - dinos’ success story - Inside AdSense