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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to Decide Which Kind of Dorm is Best for You(II)

Choose a triple/quad if…
You can’t stand the thought of being alone in your room – ever.
In a dorm with several roommates, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be completely alone. So if you want someone with you at all times to avoid those creeping homesick feelings, check out triples and quads. If you’re looking to save a few pretty pennies and still live in the heart of campus, this type of housing may be your best option. One of the most appealing features is that they are generally considerably cheaper than the average single or double dorm room. Also, as you gain more roommates, the chances of you getting along with at least one of them usually increases. The more friends, the merrier, right?
Although having lots of people in your room can be a great thing whenever you want company, it can also be a huge negative. After a long day of classes and work, you probably just want quality “you” time. In a room with two or three other people, privacy is a rare luxury. You and your roommates will likely have different schedules, making it difficult to always respect each other’s sleep time, or study time. Therefore, in a triple or quad, you may have to be extra concerned about showing respect for your roommates. It’s also not uncommon to be worried about becoming the “odd one out” in a room with two or three other girls. You can’t always prevent this clique-y situation, but communication among all roommates will definitely help.
Choose substance-free housing if…
The idea of drinking or drug usage totally freaks you out.
Substance-free housing means you’re making a commitment to live in a dorm free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. (Note: At most schools, it doesn’t mean you have to abstain completely once you’re outside of the dorm!) You’ll likely feel more comfortable when your roommates and hallmates share similar values. The lack of peer pressure in your immediate environment may even encourage you to stick to your beliefs. Plus, life will seem easier when you don’t have to worry about your roommate throwing a booze-filled rager the night before your big finance exam.
College doesn’t simply educate you – it prepares you for life. Some people argue that substance-free housing reinforces close-mindedness. If you live with people who share all your beliefs on drugs and alcohol, will you ever learn to accept differing points of view? These dorms also tend to have stricter policies. If you do decide to have a few drinks while out, you may not be allowed to return to the dorm while under the influence. Since you’re responsible for your guests, make sure they understand the rules, too. Read the fine print on the contract before move-in day!
Choose single-sex housing if…
Joining a “No Boys Allowed” club sounds like a great idea.
There’s nothing like having a classic girls’ night. So why not do it 24/7? Single-sex housing can lead to awesome, long-lasting friendships with some amazing girls. “I thought single-sex housing would be awful,” says Bucknell University senior Sarah Dubow. “But last year I lived in my sorority’s housing and it was such an amazing, empowering and fun experience to be around my sisters all the time and get so much closer with them.”
If substance-free housing is too much of a commitment, but you still want to steer clear of potentially dangerous influences, single-sex housing may be your best option. The president of The Catholic University of American in Washington, John Garvey, cited studies that showed students in single-sex housing participated in binge drinking half as much as students in co-ed dorms. Single-sex housing is less likely to foster the typical, college “hook-up culture,” as well, and you won’t have to dodge boys when you’re headed to the bathroom, or when you’re in your towel. Also, female housing tends to be cleaner, without the smell of boys wafting down the hallway. Always a plus!
In a single-sex dorm, you won’t meet that cute boy on your floor. So if you’re trying to make guy friends or meet the frat boy of your dreams, single-sex housing may put you at a disadvantage. When you’re surrounded by girls, you might also find that you’re more self-conscious, or encounter catty situations much more often. In single-sex housing, you should always be careful about what you say and protect your reputation – the last thing you’ll want is a hall full of girls gossiping about you.