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Friday, 16 August 2013

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Dresses hanging on clothes rail fashion trends 2013

Why make it? Yes, there may once have been a time when you could grab anything off the rails in your 'usual size' and be pretty certain it would look good on you. But now that you're older, it's sont  importato ma ketime to try before you buy - not just because your body shape changes as you age, but also because sizes vary from shop to shop. 'Dress sizes certainly aren't standard throughout,' says personal stylist Lisa Talbot. 'So don't worry about what the label says: just make sure you buy clothes that fit you well and make you feel confident

Pink make-up bag with cosmetics fashion trends 2013

 There are three good reasons to 'tip it up and start again': to ditch out-of-date products, spruce up your favourites and lift yourself out of a make-up rut. 'Dirty brushes can harbour bacteria, but cleaning them with a mild shampoo will prevent these germs from transferring to your face,' says beauty expert France Baudet 'Make-up can also go off so throw away anything you've had for more than a year.' And rather than invest in direct replacements, take the opportunity to try out new colours and products.

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There are ways of being up-to-date without being a slave to fashion or worse,' says Gail Morgan. 'The simplest way of doing this is to invest in some well-cut, classic garments in neutral colours that flatter your figure - not your daughter's. Then add interesting, on-trend accessories: jewellery, shoes, scarves and bags can all update your clothes quickly, simply and cheaply. French women have been doing this for decades! Oh, and once you understand what suits you, don't feel you have to shop in "age appropriate" stores: it's still possible to find fantastic garments for older women in Topshop.'