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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fashionable Clutch


Purses are usually a nessecity if you have a lot to carry around. Depending on how much stuff you need the size of your purse will vary. Some women like to carry around purses the size of mini-elephants to keep everything they need. But others may prefer a smaller clutch purse which can be easily managed within one hand. Many of them even include a strap that you can wear.
Although you could hit up your favorite downtown shopping center, Etsy is another alternative with really beautiful fashions. In this showcase you will find a collection of girly clutch purses from Etsy designers. Many of the purses are cheap and ship very quickly. Although some models can get a little pricey, the customization is seriously outstanding among many other handmade products.

Hmong Vintage

old vintage purse asian hmong people etsy

Green Butterflies

green butterflies design decoration clutch purse

Little Owls

little owls pattern clutch purse etsy

Paris Travel Journal

paris travel journal writing design purse etsy

Streets of Paris

minaudiere purse paris france fashion etsy

Boho Chic

boho chic purse clutch fashion etsy

Yellow & Grey Geometry

50s geometry pattern yellow clutch purse etsy

Great Britain Postage

gb britain post stamp pattern purse etsy

Asian Vintage Tapestry

asian vintage tapestry fabric clutch purse etsy

White Crane

white bird crane artwork clutch purse etsy

Upholstery Foldover

upholstery fold purse vintage brooch etsy

Blue and Pink Flowers

bright pink blue flowers white purse etsy

Bridesmaid Royal Purple

wedding royal purple clutch purse etsy

Hot Air Balloons

frame clutch purse balloons print etsy

Colored Mustaches

mustache black cosmetics bag purse etsy

Gentlemen Patterns

white dark moustaches tophat design purse etsy

Mustache Wristlet Pouch

colorful moustache zip pouch wrist strap etsy

Bumble Bee Honeycomb

yellow bee clutch purse design custom etsy

Purple Passion

purple passion clutch purse design pattern

Midnight Bats

dark nighttime bats artwork clutch purse etsy

Vintage Fabric Swatches

retro vintage home decor fabric clutch purse handmade

Blue with White Polka Dots

blue white colored dots purse pattern etsy

Cassette Mixtape

mix tape cassette retro clutch purse etsy

Rotary Telephone

rotary telephone vintage clutch purse etsy


peace symbol clutch purse pattern etsy custom

Home Pattern

cotton wristlet clutch purse pattern white black

Colorful Polka Dots

colors polkadots clutch purse big etsy custom

Japanese Horoscope Fabric

horoscope characters symbols pattern clutch purse

Floral Clutch Purse

flower pattern red blue clutch purse etsy

Golden Leaves

gold leaves pouch custom handbag etsy

Bridal Ivory & Coral

bride bridesmaid wedding white pink clutch purses