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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Necktie Designs for Men’s Wardrobes

A good tie choice can often make your whole suit come to life. Ties look great with almost any color suit and there are many different styles to choose. The softer ties may feel smoother when tied around your head after-hours. Or maybe you like the thicker material which doesn’t move around as much. Ties of all colors and materials are a tremendous fashion statement. I’d like to showcase a small collection of funny and unique designs which should definitely capture other people’s attention.


orange holiday tie design man suit

Tazmanian Devil

looney tunes kisses taz tie suit

Skull & Crossbones

grey silver skulls necktie photo fashion

Geometric Pink

pink colorful shapes blocks necktie design


bright colorful necktie mens fashion superman

Molecules Necktie

coffee cigarettes molecule artwork necktie photo

Blue Silk

hippos blue silk necktie design fashion

Retro Comic Book

custom etsy comic book phrases necktie photo

Cat in the Hat

dr seuss cartoon cat hat necktie custom

Flying Mustaches

combs hair necktie mustache fancy etsy custom

Poker Playing Dogs

vintage painting necktie artwork dogs poker game

Groovy Yellow Vintage

yellow groove vintage necktie fashion design custom

Man with a Plane

brittania 70s male vintage necktie design fashion

Albert Einstien

necktie mens attire albert einstein whimsical vintage