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Friday, 27 September 2013

10 Great Pairs of Fall Boots

The Best Pieces in the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target Collection
We sifted through the 90-plus dresses, handbags, and more to bring you the best.

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Philip Lim's collection for Target, launching September 15, features nearly 100 pieces for men and women. Photos courtesy of Target.Style Tip for Him: 15 Pocket Squares to Amp Up a Suit Collection (Photos)
Add the perfect finishing touch with these patterns and colors.
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Seeing A Pattern
Printed pants are everywhere—and a solid choice for summer.

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Sample Sale Alert: Get Hugh & Crye’s Tailored Shirts at a Major Discount
The DC-based brand’s semi-custom fitted shirts are about to go on super sale. Don’t miss it.

Three of the Hugh & Crye styles that will be up for grabs at this weekend's sample sale.Posted at 11:31 AM/ET, 07/17/2013 | Permalink | Comments (1)
Style Tip for Guys: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding
Alton Lane’s Colin Hunter and Hugh & Crye’s Pranav Vora talk fabrics, fits, and colors to beat the heat. Bonus: We show you ten suitable suits for under $500.
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Style Tip for Guys: How to Wear the Nautical Look
Anchor tie clips, vintage ship cuff links, and plenty of stripes.
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Style Tip for Guys: How to Wear a Blazer Beyond the 9-to-5
A high-low style can amp up your casual jet-setting, happy hour, and beach cabana attire.

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Style Tip for Guys: The 5 Shoes You Need This Summer (Photos)
This season’s must-have styles, from sneaker to Sperry.
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Style Tip for Guys: Thick-Rimmed Glasses (Photos)
How to pick a frame that fits your face.

The wane of summer means afternoons spent sailing the Potomac are slowly being replaced by hikes on local trails. And naturally, as leisure activities traverse the seasons, a guy’s footwear should march in line as well. Translation: Bye-bye, boat shoes; hello, boots.
While über-functional rain and snow boots fall squarely on the “necessities” list for coming months, style creed dictates that you also need a solid pair of casual boots. Think durability with some flair. Once you’ve found the perfect pair, don’t forget to work different techniques to incorporate them into your personal style. Try wrapping longer laces around the ankle or tucking in your jeans (tailored, straight fits work best here to avoid bunching), which will show off the flaps and give you a more casual, relaxed look. Need a few ideas? Head to the gallery to shop ten of our favorite styles.
Dubbed the collaboration to revive collaborations, 3.1 Philip Lim for Target may be just what we need to restore our faith in designers going cheap (let’s not even talk about that Neiman Marcus holiday collection). The Chinese designer, praised for his perfectly tailored womenswear and blogger-beloved totes, creates a refreshing mix of sleek blouses, blazers, structured pants, and more—all of which, in true Philip Lim fashion, are minimalist yet incorporate stunning details that offer just the right dose of edge—like the barely there embellishment on the collar of this crewneck. Coveting Lim’s leather handbags but cringe at the pricetags? You’ll appreciate that the collection, which launches September 15 and starts at a cool $19.99, includes some stunning handbags that are nearly identical to the real deal. Now, mark your calendars, and peek at our faves here.
Skinny knit ties? Been there, done that. Bow ties? We have a drawer’s worth. That silk pocket square collection? Well, that could use some love.
Understandably, the art of square folding can be somewhat intimidating as you try and try again to achieve the right balance between crisp lines and organic, unfussy creases. But those attempts will all pay off when the right fold of fabric boosts your suit game to a level a cropped tie can’t. (Actually, you could even ditch the tie entirely.)
These sleek squares cover the spectrum of style suitable for everything from client meetings to happy hour—check out the gallery to find one that best fits your pocket.
It’s not that IT professionals and part-time bloggers Sadiki Harriott and Tony Gyepi-Garbrah don’t appreciate Washington’s conservative fashion sense—it’s that they ignore it.
“I like to push past my comfort zone in terms of how I dress,” says Gyepi-Garbrah, far right, whose vintage checkered suit was passed down from his father. “DC is very structured, and I like to break structure.”
Harriott and Gyepi-Garbrah’s blog,Gentlemen’s Brim, is a seemingly disparate blend of their love for custom motorcycles and eclectic, dapper style, but the duo make the topics mingle in a fashionable way, much as they do the colors, textures, and bold prints in their wardrobes.
“Once I got over the fear of what people might think about what I wear, my style became fluid,” says Harriott, shown wearing his own Zara pants and jacket, Thomas Pink shirt, and Prada shoes. He says his mix-and-match aesthetic is often inspired by interior design: “Start with the print you want to be the focus and complement it.
“If you’re new to wearing patterned pants, opt for a solid shirt,” says Harriott, who also suggests starting with the colorful plaids at J. Crew—and wearing them with confidence. “You will ooze ‘what the heck did I wear?’ if you do not sell the look to yourself prior to going out.”
Hey, DC guys: Need a work wardrobe update? Now’s your big chance. This weekend, awesome homegrown menswear label Hugh & Crye hosts its once-a-year sample sale at its Georgetown studio, offering local shoppers first dibs on discounted styles two days before the sale launches online. More than 50 of the line’s semi-custom tailored shirt styles will be marked down up to 60 percent. That means the brand’s $85 to $120 shirts will go for just $35 to $45. Not too shabby. Our suggestion: Clear some weekend time ASAP.
Saturday and Sunday 11 to 5. RSVP online. 3212 O St., NW.
If the layers of Save the Date postcards decorating the fridge have you sweating bullets, you’re not alone. As plane tickets and gift registry requests pile up, there’s barely room in our shopping budget to get a new outfit, too. But repurpose an old standby in the wrong fabric, and that celebratory afternoon on the lawn will feel like an eternity in the sauna.
For the official word on how to reach the reception with minimal sweat stains, we called up the CEOs of two brands well versed in the suit game—Alton Lane’s Colin Hunter andHugh & Crye’s Pranav Vora. Here’s their advice on how to make it through the summer wedding season in style.
We imagine living on a bay-docked houseboat would have its advantages. Like the excuse to dress exclusively in boat attire. And no pickup line tops “Let’s do brunch down the coast in the morning.”
While most of us aren’t buying up sailing vessels, that doesn’t mean you can’t snag the look with anchors and stripes galore on your shorts, ties, and accessories. We scoured the seven seas (okay, our favorite stores) for the best catches. Click through the gallery to see a few of our favorite ways to rock the boat look on dry land.
Washington’s men are known for their suit collections. And indeed, the pairing of slim-fit slacks and a sharp blazer make for a successful office wardrobe—but that’s not the only place to rock the perfect jacket. After hours, this workhorse piece can also lend extra polish to more casual staples such as polos, hoodies, denim, and shorts, whether you’re dashing down the terminal at Reagan or kicking back at a rooftop happy hour.
First and foremost: how to choose the blazer itself. Lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton keep you cool on humid days and help with the high-low transition, thanks to a looser, more relaxed structure. Look for a subtle pattern to add detail. The rest of the ensemble should follow suit in fabric and color; keep the blazer the focal point by sticking to solids.
We put together three looks to help you transition your blazer from the office to your summer adventures.
Travel Attire
Ludlow navy sport coat in herringbone Italian linen, $328 at J.Crew; Summer-weight melon chinos, $98 at Bonobos; Threads for Thought pullover hoodie, $42 at Nordstrom.
Clear some space in your closet’s shoe organizer, invest in more shoe trees, and replenish your shoe polish tins—summer shoe season has officially arrived.
We know it’s shoulder to shoulder (well, sole to sole) in there, but our selection of essentials will help you start your summer off on the right foot. Check out the gallery to see these five footwear favorites that will take you from office to gym and beyond—all practically guaranteed to please both the shoe novice and the seasoned curator.
It’s official—the bold eyeglass frame has become a badge of style in menswear. Today’s eclectic “geek chic” has officially banished the Urkel aesthetic to the ’90s and returned with the handsome eyewear of the ’40s and ’50s. Whether your frame of choice is black to accentuate the rim’s shape or golden tortoiseshell to complement your skin tone, a solid eyewear choice can do big things for your look.
But one slight misstep in a frame’s fit can leave you looking disproportionate. Before you book that eye appointment, make sure to figure out the shape of your face and the frame styles that will maintain balance between your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.
So how to pick the right frame, you ask? Read on for the five most common face contours. ID yours, then click through the gallery of our favorite pairs to find your frame.