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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Eye on Bed-Stuy:

dPhotographer Camilo Fuentealba arrived in New York via Chile, Australia, and Canada, and has now landed in the lovably chaotic enclave of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. "Most of my new work has been shot on 35 or 120mm film, in the neighborhood," he tells me, "but the whole idea is to carry my camera around, 24/7. It's the every day person that interests me the most; sometimes I ask permission for portraits, and sometimes I don't. It's about finding simple moments in everyday situations."
Here, Fuentealbas breaks down a few of those moments in Bed-Stuy and beyond, from Mr. Sugar Bear to smokers in Brownsville.

"Also at Coney Island. I was waiting for my brother to come out of restroom when I saw the young man on the right. His oversized pants, awkward age and androgynous look grabbed my attention and I quickly grabbed my camera as he was walking away. Luckily, he walked straight over to his father and stood next to him. This shot was the first of three that I took, and he happened to look right at me."

"This is Sugar Bear. I was meeting Mr. Bear every Thursday for breakfast at a church in Bed-Stuy, and from there we'd walk around the neighborhood and take more pictures. We'd generally up at his house or his brother's house, watching documentaries and talking about life."

"This one frame of a man in Chinatown represents an everyday work life: Coffee and a cigarette for lunch!"

"I was photographing performance artist Ana Lola Roman on Broadway in Brooklyn and this kid was sitting in a car, holding his chin. It was a walk-by shot; one frame and then I kept on going."

"This one is from a 90th birthday party I shot in Chelsea. I had taken portraits of these two ladies and was putting my camera down and the lady on the left--it was her birthday--leaped up to kiss her best friend on the lips."

"A shot from a Bed-Stuy block party: Twins in a mini Cadillac Escalade."

"This was taken after a music video shoot; just a girl smoking a joint in Brownsville."