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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Top 10 Fashion Designers

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Maria B is among one of the designers who designs dresses and other accessories for every class of the society. She is qualified not only to attract the people of Pakistan but also people of Milan,New York and Paris. She present not only formal dresses but as well bring versatility in cotton fabrics. She is successfully and glamorously introducing Pakistani culture in international market.
Kamer Rokani is known for designing trousers and tank tops instead of designing traduional Pakistani shalwar kameez. So he is more popular among the young fold. Though he is known designing western style but his dresses are comfortable and give cool look.
Jugaan, a Pakistani designer who got her talent from her father, who is running the same business in India. She is famous for her different cuts in bridal, formal and evening wears in all over the country. She is very ambitious and committed to her work.
Hassan Sheryar Yasin, Commonly known as HSY started his career in 1994. He has done many successful shows in all over the world for example, in Dubai, London, New York City and Toronto. From 2000 onward he has launched his online collection and in 2007 he launched his jewelry as well which enhanced his label.

Faiza Samee, the young Pakistani designer who loves Pakistani culture and this reflects in her dresses. She believes that Pakistan has a rich and diverse culture because of this diversity there is a huge margin in designing and presenting the traditional Pakistani dresses. Especially she is known for presenting Sindhi culture in her dresses.

Deepak Parwani, gentleman not only dressed groom but also equally popular for designing bridal sarees for women along with other accessories. Deepak Parwani is famous for his unique ideas and innovation in men’s wears.
Bunto Kazmi, the third top designer from Pakistan fashion industry is famous for reinvented mughal culture and tradition in modern way. She is famous for her traditional but stylish dresses not only in Pakistan but in the neighboring countries as well. Her dresses are liked because of their elegance and traditional cuts.

These are young and ambitious Pakistani fashion designers known for bridal, wear, sarees, western wears and formal lines. They use almost all type of fabrics in their collection. They always get unforgettable response of people wherever they present their dresses.
Amir Adnan, the top designer of Pakistanis known for reintroducing Sherwani in Pakistan’s fashion world. He is the first men’s wear international fashion designer from Pakistan. His dresses are expensive and affordable only for the elite class. His dresses are expensive but unique and represent royalty.