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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fashion Fail:

green velvet dress;

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When Scarlett O'Hara ripped the curtains from the war torn windows of her beloved family home and made herself a dress she proved that a) adversity is very often the seed of invention and b) in another time (or book) she may well have been John Galliano or Carrie Bradshaw.
O'Hara is one of literature's great fashion mavericks. Bold and unapologetic in her wardrobe choices, she used clothes to make a point, punctuate conversation and achieve an outcome.
As she walked the mud filled streets of the fallen south in her green velvet dress she chose not to hear sniggers and avoided stares because she was 100 per cent committed to her look. The frock had ceased to be a curtain. It was a dream dress, one that would win her the man and save the day.
Fashion fail: Lena Dunham.
Fashion fail: Lena Dunham. Photo: Getty Images
I couldn't help think about said dress as I watched Lena Dunham walk the red carpet at the Emmys on Sunday. Her Prada ball gown was reminiscent of Margaret Mitchell's heroine. Full skirted and floor length, it looked as though it may have been fashioned from drapes found in Zelda Fitzgerald's Paris apartment. It was a joyous dress and Lena wore it that way. Smudging on matching green shadow and straightening her fringe, she looked delighted to be in such a creation. The magic was in the realness she brought to the couture. The same realness that's outward in her writing, the same realness that HBO has bottled and syndicated to hundreds of countries.