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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Beautiful Fabrics

A local label is making waves with its immaculate designs,

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Tan describes Moi as a more accessible line of apparel that is produced in larger quantities, designed for office or daywear while still retaining a touch of sophistication.
“In stark contrast, our top-selling range of couture holds no reserves in the choice of fabrics and techniques used.  We understand that our clients want to be unique from the rest, so they demand only the finest and most exclusive.”  
“For instance, a particular feather dress took over a month to design and create because the intricacies of the feathers, beads, and sequins required nothing short of a steady hand to sew them on.”
They have even received an order from a client for a dress, not to be worn but to be framed and admired as a piece of art at home.
Wearing Bran et Daguet, says Tan, is impressive, but at the same time it should also flatter the individual.
“We want our customers to be the centrepiece... and not the other way round.”