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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fashion Hot Mess Alert!

Thanksgiving table dressing:

Yes, these are two different versions of the same Anthony Vaccarello design, but in the land of the A-list singer, they're way too close for comfort. We're not surprised that the "Loved Me Back To Life" singer and X Factor judge both picked this hot black look, but now they're paying for their perfect taste with a battle of who wore it best?

Red More Google

For some reason, she chose this baggy blue vintage look for a recent red carpet event. Betty Draper saves the style thanks to her flawless makeup and gorgeous blonde locks, but we can't figure out why she wants to look like she's wearing grandma's crocheted tablecloth!
What's tricky about this dress is that a few tweaks could make it smokin' hot! The see-through sections are incredibly sexy, and we love the deep sky hue. If a good tailor raised and tightened that waistline and cut five inches off the skirt, our favorite TV ice queen would be wearing a hot, antique-inspired mini.
But alas...for now she just looks like she cut a hole in the Thanksgiving table dressing.
The "How We Do" singer stepped out in her most sophisticated style to datea fully beaded Donna Karan stunner. We doubt this edgy Brit is having a full change of fashion heart, but it's refreshing to see her rocking some classic coutureeven if it is some sort of Halloween costume.
From a distance, this metallic stunner looks much simpler than it is. The close-up details reveal lines of bugle beads draped from the neckline, all the way down to the filtered out tulle train. It's a work of modern art, which actually makes it less of a hard right turn for the avant-garde lover.
We expect to see Rita in something see-through, plastic or spike-covered as early as tomorrow, but for the time being, she's the belle of the ball.