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Thursday, 24 October 2013

First Date Makeup

Apply foundation only 

Between picking out a sexy outift and stocking up on a full supply of breath mints, you have enough to do in preparation for a date. The good news is that our makeup experts have your flirty makeup look already picked out for you. Refer to the photo on the left when applying this hot date makeup look in the privacy of your own home.

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Think pretty and natural. Apply foundation only where it's needed and follow with a spritz of Evian water to lend your skin a dewy finish. Next up? Translucent power, which needs to be applied with large, fluffly brush. Follow this with a dusty rose blush, applied to the apples of the cheeks, to feign the radiant glow that usually follows a good workout. Blush will give your face a more youthful appearance. And, Ashton Kutcher aside, we know how men love woman who appears younger than they are.

Apply mauve lipstick with a lip brush or even your finger. This particular color will play up the natural flush of your lips and, when sheer, it looks pretty on most skin types. It also tends to give your lips an alluringly kissable appearance (don't tell dad). Use a lip liner in a similar color to draw outside your natural lip line. If you want to enlarge the look of your lips without using lipliner, apply a bit of lightweight gloss in the center of your lower lip. Forgo gloss that's sticky or bad tasting. Syrupy lips just aren't very enticing on a first encounter, even if you happen to look like Kristen Kreuk, the actress pictured here who plays Lana on Smallville. Let's put it this way: natural beauty is every man's kryptonite.

Apply translucent powder to your lips to give your lipstick staying power, assuming you are the kind of gal who kisses on a first date (wink, wink). If you set your lipstick properly, it will be less likely to wind up on your wine glass at dinner and you'll require fewer trips to the ladies room for a touch up. Men hate that.