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Thursday, 31 October 2013

General wear skirts on the catwalk.

Beautiful Fashion Show:
Repertoire staged daring and unexpected appearance of designer Cong Tri for collection inspired by the mushrooms has closed the first night Beautiful Fashion Show 11 in the admiring audience.
It can be said that, compared to Beautiful Fashion Show10 ( endless evaluated),Beautiful Fashion Show 11 Birth of Venu s theme has a concise fashion and more attracted by the sharply delimited, homogeneous: the first night fashion show concept, the 2nd night to give the audience a little breathe fashion creative applications.

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Impression of Beautiful Fashion Show The first 11 are the harmonic light performance and attractive, sometimes colorful, sometimes soothing for sublimation feelings for demonstration participants as well as spectators.
Music used in the show was not too impressed, however, the rustic and enchanting sound change to suit each stage space in each collection to create buzz for the winning shows.

This year, Truong Thanh Long design was selected as the opening act for the night and he had to "stop" Mr Dam VEDETTE location instead of the other girls hit long legs. This item quickly received much applause from the audience by rare when "gentlemen Vietnamese music" such risk involved catwalk.As night fashion show concept should NTK Ly Qui Khanh unleash your creativity by giving the audience their experiences with collection of used materials such as fabric, paper and iron frame. Diverse collection brings gentle beauty, femininity. In this show, the return of the former model - actor Truong Ngoc Anh good impression with viewers.

Communications and Spirit is a whole new face to many viewers. However, the only female designer did not disappoint everyone when released creative costumes with little influence of the Western culture.In Beautiful Fashion Show 11 , designer Cong Tri pretty desperate when deciding sampling teen Pham Ngoc Quy opening collection. However, her 16-year-old teen with long legs form 1m15 record did not sink filled by prominent height, as well as impressed with the strides confidently and professionally. Also in this collection of performances Tri, two "queen of showbiz" Thanh Hang and Ho Ngoc Ha was standing a dress. More unexpected, designer Minh Tri step out to greet the audience from the giant skirt.
The first night of Beautiful Fashion Show 11 ends with some minor sound problems, however, this year's program are evaluated, impressive, little maybe. 2nd night of Dep Fashion Show will take place at 11 Nguyen Du Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City with the nature collection applications. This evening there will be the emergence of designer Adrian Anh Tuan.
Some pictures of the night:

Ngoc Quyen received much applause from the audience when he appeared on stage with costume designer Cong Tri impressive.
Thanh Hang and Ha Ho in the unique design of the Tri.
Good lighting effects helped the costume designers to add shimmer.