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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Spring Preview 2013:

It might be colder than a snowman's nuts outside, but all the clothes that are going to make your spring are already hitting stores. (Yes, really.) Here, we show you why the season ahead is all about simplifying. The point isn't to go monkishly minimal—it's about making every piece you wear count* 
The Wider a Man's Brim, the Bigger His...
...Style. Or something like that. Ditch the porkpies and fedoras and go big with an old-school Panama.

Teach Your Casual Clothes to Dance
Sometimes it's not the clothes you buy, it's how you put them together. Take a cardigan and khakis. Put them together as carefully as you would a tux. They're capable of moves you can't imagine.

Look Fly. Stay Dry.
Designers have been tweaking rubberized Mackintosh-style raincoats for 200 years. This season's revelation? Suiting patterns like windowpane.