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Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Lie & Lift.

The Lie & Lift;

Having sex in public can get you arrested… but that doesn’t mean it isn't hot. PG-13 activities like making out, finger sucking and dry humping won't land you in jail and should turn you on. But if you want to go all the way, Thomas has slipped under the table at a fancy restaurant and sucked off a guy before.

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 "Hand jobs are easier though because all you need is his penis out of his pants. Corner booths in dark restaurants with table cloths are best for this." Giving head in the car is a PDA classic and probably the easiest to get away with. "Long trips on the freeway are perfect for this," says Thomas. Just make sure to pull over first!

Because everyone's fantasy is different, it's tough to get specific. "You'd be surprised by how 'normal' guys' scenarios are: boss/secretary, schoolgirl outfits, pretending you're on your honeymoon," Taylor says. When delving into role playing, the most important thing is to be open-minded to whatever your partner has in mind. You'd be surprised by what turns someone on. (No joke: Thomas has played mommy to guys in diapers and even walked a man on a leash!)

"Side by side is a great position -- you can just lie down next to each other and relax," says sex and relationship expert, Ian Kerner. In our favoritevariation, lie flat on your back and lift up the leg nearest to him. He enters you from the side and slightly behind you, straddling your outstretched leg. You can lie back and relax, while he does all the work! 

Remember how intense making out was before you started having sex? Well, you can still get that same adrenaline rush with your guy, without going further – just lay next to him and kiss him. "It’s teasing," says Buckley. "Which doesn’t require much energy and it’s really arousing, because of all the anticipation. People need more of that in their sex lives -- it’s a great opportunity to mix that in when you don’t feel like doing much else."
What’s lazier than watching TV in bed? In fact, watching porn together is a lazy gal’s godsend when it comes to jumpstarting your sex drive, says Kerner. Websites like, which asks you to state your gender and the gender of the people you want to watch, or, which regularly features written erotica as well as video, are perfect for porn newbies and aficionados alike.

Sure, showering together is fun -- but you’re too tired to stand up right now. The sexier (and lazier) solution: Take a bath. Soaping up each other’s naughty bits is just an excuse to gently massage the soap away under the hot water. "Focus on sensuality rather than sexuality," says Buckley. Turn the lights down low, and sit between his legs so you’re lying back on his body; it’s the perfect position for him to caress your stress away with a little massage oil.

A good old fashioned hand job is perfect for when you’re not quite in the mood but your man is raring to go -- and using a male masturbation sleevemakes it even easier on you! "The male masturbation sleeves means you’re kind of doing the work, but feels more like being inside a woman," says Buckley. Start off by giving him ahand job, and as you both get into the swing of things, you can either bring him to climax that way or have him finish inside of you. Just don’t forget the lube! Buckley recommends a natural, water-based lubricant that won’t irritate skin -- like

Channel your inner teenager and do a little sexy rubbing -- with your clothes on! "Rubbing without intercourse gives a lot of women orgasms even where intercourse doesn’t," says Buckley. For that, you’ll want him to roll on top of you so his erection can stimulate your clit -- "use his penis like a sex toy!" says Kerner. And more of a windup is always a good thing, says Michele Weiner, relationship expert and founder "Making sex sexier for a lot of people has to do with longer and more intimate foreplay."