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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

World Heritage Sites

Gunung Mulu,
Gunung Mulu, the second-highest mountain in Sarawak at 2,376 meters in height, bears a secret at its foothills: a massive cave network and karst (limestone) formations amidst thick tropical rainforest. If you can make the grueling trip to this remote spot in Borneo, you'll be rewarded with several days' exploration of one of Malaysia's most beautiful landscapes at your leisure.
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Komodo Island, Indonesia
Adventurous tourists can travel to The Komodo National Park in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia to see the Komodo dragon in its native habitat. These gigantic lizards, which can weigh up to 300 pounds and grow up to 3 metres long, are dangerous when hungry, and common sense tells you to give these monsters a wide berth. 

The Park was set up in 1980 to protect the endangered dragon from human encroachment (dragons are still prized for their skins); UNESCO World Heritage status was attained in 1991. Today, over 2,600 dragons live in relative safety in the Park, along with wild buffalo, wild boar, the Sunda deer, and over 150 species of birds. The dragons bear electronic tags, but are otherwise left alone by the 70-odd rangers who patrol the islands.