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Friday, 1 November 2013

Hair style.

                                Long Hair;

Get long, cascading curls with high shine. First, wash and deep condition so you get a healthy, glossy shine.
Dry hair with a round brush. Then use a large curling iron and, alternating two-inch sections, roll hair around the barrel in one direction and then again in the other direction to create a ripple effect.
Once you're done, spritz everything with an aerosol shine spray. 

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First, consider a few layers. "The longest styles look even longer right after a good cut that adds movement even if it takes off half an inch," says NYC stylist Ted Gibson.
If you haven't gotten to the stylist yet, use a curling iron and roll two- to three-inch sections halfway up the barrel.
Spritz with hairspray and then pull the curls out so they turn into long, loose waves at the bottom. You'll get the same kind of bouncy look you'd get after a $200 haircut.

To get perfect, tight curls sans frizz, you need a cut that supports your curl pattern. Make sure to tell your stylist that you wear your hair naturally so she can give you the cut you need.
Make sure to deep-condition overnight so you get that extra dose of moisture coarse curls need.
Run a thick leave-in conditioner and serum through your hair.

A super-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner hydrates in the shower so you can use fewer products afterwards.

Generously work a prep spray or style primer through damp hair, to bring out your hair's natural texture and allowing it to air-dry almost perfectly.

Use a little shine serum to fight frizzy ends — the tiniest bit will do the trick

Run an anti-frizz and leave-in conditioner through wet hair.
Wrap your whole head in a towel to get rid of excess water without creating frizz.
After leaving your hair cocooned in terrycloth, unwrap your head and let everything air-dry the rest of the way. The result: Naturally sexy waves that are practically effortless.