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Friday, 1 November 2013

House Beautiful Bed.

House Beautiful's Sarah Easton says:

Q My neighbour has a huge walnut and a dying horse chestnut with leaf mould and bleeding canker whose branches hang 20 feet into our garden, blocking out the light and dropping sackfuls of debris in autumn. Can we get rid of them? Do we have a legal right to sunlight? And who’ll pay if the branches fall and smash our fence?

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House Beautiful's Sarah Easton says:
It’s not easy to succeed in a claim for interference with a right to light. You have to show that the light enjoyed is less than it was before and that the reduction means your property can’t be used for its normal purposes. That said, your neighbour is responsible for her trees and any damage they may cause. Write and inform her of your concerns. If she does nothing and they do cause damage, the court could decide that she was negligent and hold her responsible. Legally you can cut back any parts of the tree that hang over your garden, but only up to your boundary. Anything you do cut off belongs to your neighbour and should be offered to her. First make sure the trees don’t have Tree Preservation Orders on them, and if you live in a Conservation Area, it’s illegal to chop, lop or fell them, so check with the local authority before you get out a saw!
Fuschia pink floral bed linen; bedroom decorating ideas from
erm gardeSumn
Like a flowerbed in full bloom, gorgeous rich colour is splashed across this cotton set. Perfect for a simple white bedstead, it looks fantastic accessorised with fuchsia cushions and a knitted grey throw.
Green and yellow living room

Mix and match

Team a delicate floral wallpaper in lemon yellow with lime and apple green floral and check fabrics. Black accents will add contrast.
Curtains made up in Forget-me-knot in Apple, £30 a metre; back of chair and cushion (on white chair) in Brera Scacco Lime Check, £58 a metre; cushion (on wooden chair at back) made up in Camomile Slate, £30 a metre; all Designers Guild. For similar floor paint try International’s Quick Drying Floor Paint in Snowstorm, £14.99 for 750ml
Bold striped carpet

Carpet trend: be bold