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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Human Life

 Lifestyle is a term which tends to encircle almost all spheres of human life and activity and bears direct impact upon the individual and social identity of a community. It is a factor of grave importance when it comes to be analyzed on the grounds of attitudes, cultural developments and values of a nation.
LifestyleWith regard to the world of fashion, glamour and modernism,lifestyle is evaluated not in terms of natural environmental and involuntary aspects but rather the deliberate attempts of humans to bring about a better change in life to mark their unique way of living and style. Lifestyle is to a great extent influential in our daily routines, work, needs, progress and development as a whole. The diversity of changes and options for betterment add to a healthier and more appealing individual and society.

 Lifestyle is in fact one of the reasons for the great competitive race in the modern era  to live life in the most luxurious and free style way because inspiration from the rich, elite and celebrity classes tend to heat up the desires of all with envy. The initiation of a single wave of unique approach tends to promulgate throughout the society and drags along the interest of millions; leading to a unanimous change that reflects the cultural trends.
 The result is a better version of attitudes, modern choices, unique taste and a superior standard of life which intimidate consumption behavior, product manufacturing and business development to bring about an economic change in every house. Features such as how and where one lives is the most focused aspect of lifestyle which holds great concern of the masses; who in this modern and fashion conscious society needs an appraisal of trends and ideas that can enthuse them for an improved and superior stand not only in living but also personality development through dress codes and means of stylish carriage.
Strong, liberal and optimistic views and attempts tend to initiate productive results and better environment while poor and unhealthy lifestyle habits offer a stagnant and shabby state of affairs. This marks the distinction line between the elite, normal and poor classes. Financial resources are also one of the paramount factors that determine the lifestyle of a person. The more the monetary well being; the more posh and luxurious is the dressing taste, home interior and maintenance, prodigal spending, extra activities and a more wild and thrilling life full of enjoyment.

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