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Friday, 1 November 2013

Makeup and boobs.!

show you all;

I just got some new makeup and I wanted to show you all.  The pics are from my phone so they arent very good quality though :(.   I also wanted to show all you girls the real look boobs that I got using my Nubra(I'm a boy, if you didnt know!). 

The makeup I used was:

Hard Candy lipstick - Knockout for both my lips and my blush
E.L.F. - Smokey eye kit
Wet n Wild - Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner
Stila - Major Lash Mascara
False Eyelashes!

Red More Google

The boobs are again, from a Nubra :).  Let me know what you all think!  Thanks :)







IMO it depends what your definition of larger and smaller is. If you compare the bottom few sizes to the top few sizes of course it is better to be an A or B cup than a J, and of course girls who cannot reduce their bra size by dieting any further should be offered breast reductions.

Many large-ish girls can easily purchase fitting bras on the high street yet a decent physio will tell you that the majority are wearing completely the wrong size, usually too small in the cup and too large in the back. That has massive implications for girls who are on the larger end, because the weight is on the upper traps (top of the shoulders) instead of properly distributed over the upper and mid back. There are some powerful muscles in the back (mid/ lower traps, rhomboids, lats) which are more than capable of supporting the weight of many larger chests. Instead of strengthening those, many girls spend a lot of their time practicing bad posture at the wheel of a car, on the sofa or at a desk which encourages the upper traps and pectoral muscles to be dominant. I highly recommend your friends purchase a foam roller and tennis ball and practice SMR, it knocks out the painful knots just like a deep massage but without the expense.

I have teeny tiny boobies, AA cup which is the smallest size that exists but actually only one size below the range of 'normal'. Here in the UK there were years that the only bras to fit me on the high street were aimed at teens, so brightly coloured, patterned or covered in Snoopy motifs. Then M&S (high street underwear kings) started stocking AAs in the adults but every last one is a t-shirt bra, nothing pretty and many are underwired which is blooming uncomfortable. Many styles don't have enough fabric which means if you do any activity my boobs can make a bid for freedom!! Then there are the tactless comments on your petite-ness or congratulating you on your pregnancy if you gain a little weight (belly quickly overtakes a non-existent chest) ... it may not count as prejudice but it doesn't exactly feel great.