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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The tea is good for health.

Green tea protects the health , antioxidants , eliminate free radicals, anti-aging , anti-virus ... is because the green tea leaves are high in polyphenols . If green tea with boiling water temperature is too high or too long , polyphenols are destroyed , the water turns yellow tea and tea scent will evaporate fly away .

Typically , tea water temperature of about 80oC is the best , the best time of 2-3 minutes mix , instant drink mix immediately . The ratio between tea and water well suited to 1:50 ratio , often used for mixing 3g of tea with 150ml water after brewing tea is in between light blue and dark .

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Yellow Tea and White Tea phase also follow a similar approach .

Tea Rose - mix long as there is healthy

Unlike green tea , use boiling water at high temperature , the red tea can do for promoting quality health tea flavonoids in red are dissolved in water and made ​​all the more sweet tea and aroma of tea as Bluebird . So when the best tea roses should use boiled water , tea and soak phase as long as possible , usually about 5 minutes is best . The amount of water equivalent to red tea as green tea .

Oolong Tea - tea leaves for many

As oolong tea is also very exciting phase with water , however tea have more capacity , usually around 10g , mix up a capacity similar to fill the tea kettle . Oolong tea can be mixed and poured water 5-6 times , from short to long time , about 2 minutes -5 minutes is best .

Black tea - tea special focus on

Puerh tea ( a type of tea is good for health , specialty of Yunnan Province - China ) is a common type of black tea , fermented tea of raw materials , thick . Characteristics of black tea in that " The older , the more fragrant " , so it's exciting to be mixed with water can make tea extract ingredients in the end . First time black tea should wash the tea quickly within 10 seconds , which is then washed before tea for tea into the cup , pour boiling water , wait a moment to pour out the tea water , then pouring boiling water in , secure the lid , like new can filter the impurities in the scent of tea and make more levels . Time tea after pouring more water in time is usually about 5 minutes .