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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Make the Most of Them

What do you think is the first thing a man notices when he sees you? (Hint: you’ve got two of them—but they’re probably not what you think.)

If you guessed “boobs” you’re certainly among the majority. But, um, you’re aiming too low. The absolute first aspect of your appearance that grabs a man’s attention are the very things with which you’re reading this article: your eyes! It’s been proven time and time again, in study after study. The eyes have it, and because the eyes also happen to be the first place aging makes itself apparent, ladies hoping to remain as attractive as possible might want to take a moment to rethink how they’re going about enhancing them.

When tasked with beautifying your eyes, the first idea that comes to mind might be a trip to the cosmetics counter for a makeover, complete with some brand new smoky shadows, perhaps a tube of inky liquid liner, and maybe even some false lashes for good measure. And hey, eye makeup is a wonderful thing. But sometimes—particularly for women who are no longer in their 20s—less is more. A smoldering eye might sound sexy and attractive, but in reality it’s not something that looks good on everyone. (Let’s not even talk about the effort necessary to properly create the look, either.) Men are attracted to beautiful eyes, but how many times have you heard a man complain about a woman wearing too much makeup? That’s the tricky thing about the opposite sex. They’re into a perfect appearance, but evidence of artificiality, like heavy-handed, clumpy mascara? Generally speaking, it’s one of their biggest turnoffs.

Striking a happy medium with regard to this sort of thing is always going to be a challenging endeavor. But thanks to beauty innovations that have emerged in recent years, you do have options that don’t entail some kind of cosmetic procedure, or require you to become a master of the perfect no-makeup makeup look (which, as we all know, takes just as long as that smoky eye and false lashes application).
It’s actually not even about getting something “done.” It’s about making the most of what you’ve got—and the easiest, most effective way to do that is to enhance your eyebrows and eyelashes.
Think about it. Picture just about any hot young actress or model of the moment right now. Does she have full, nicely shaped eyebrows and long, alluring lashes? Thought so! These characteristics are, well, characteristic of young women. With age, however, eyebrows thin out. Lashes fall out.
So what’s a woman to do?
Get her hands on a great eyelash enhancer, that’s what!
With an eyelash enhancer like SmartLash(which requires no prescription and contains no harmful chemicals), you can, over time, achieve the look of naturally longer, lusher lashes. In fact, in a 56-day clinical study, 93% of participants saw an increase in the appearance of eyelash length and fullness after 28 days! That means you could be less than one month away from having the lashes of a much younger "you." Even better? SmartLash has been shown to work the same magic with brows. In the same 56-day clinical study, participants also experienced a 197% increase in the appearance of eyebrow length, thickness and fullness. 

 And it really couldn't' be any more simple to use. Twice a day, in the morning before you put on your makeup and at night after you take it off, you'll simply apply SmartLash to your lash lines, just like you would apply eyeliner, as well as on your eyebrows, and patiently await its impactful results.
If all this sounds good to you, you’ll be happy to find out that the good news isn’t over yet. Right now, SmartLash is on sale for just $29.95.  Who would have thought that the magic potion we’ve all been searching for is so affordable and easy?