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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Designs You Can Try

Henna mehendi holds a significant place in Indian culture. Nowadays, it’s gaining popularity even in other parts of the world. It’s the most loved form of temporary tattoo. No painful process is involved in it yet it looks really beautiful. Many women love to get it done on their belly. Some pregnant women also have various religious beliefs associated with belly henna mehendi.
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Henna mehendi holds a significant place in Indian culture. Nowadays, it’s gaining popularity even in other parts of the world. It’s the most loved form of temporary tattoo. No painful process is involved in it yet it looks really beautiful. Many women love to get it done on their belly. Some pregnant women also have various religious beliefs associated with belly henna mehendi.
In this article, I shall be sharing the most loved and favorite belly henna designs which you can try for yourself.
The top 10 belly henna designs are as follows:

1. Design 1:

belly henna designs
Via pinterest
This is a very simple and elegant design. It is made around the belly button. Due to its small size, it looks even more beautiful. If you wish to flaunt your flat belly and add more beauty to it, you should definitely try this henna design.

2. Design 2:

belly henna designs two
Via pinterest
I seriously loved this design. Beautiful thin leaves, an auspicious ‘Ohm’ and a ‘kalasha’ around the belly button make this design really adorable. It has the basic Indian mehendi design essence which makes it even more beautiful and attractive.

3. Design 3:

belly henna designs three
Via pinterest
This is comparatively a big belly henna design which is covering almost the entire front area of the belly. Though there are waves and swishes in this design, you will get the essence of a big flower when you look at it as a whole. This is what makes this design so unique.

4. Design 4:

belly henna designs four
Via pinterest
Like all other tattoo designs, people love to get their loved one’s names written on their body parts. Here in this design, the name of the girl is written at the centre of the design while it is surrounded by two beautiful fishes which make this design very appealing and unique.

5. Design 5:

belly henna designs five
Via pinterest
I just loved this belly henna design idea. Three hands, all of different sizes and filled with different patterns, look really beautiful on the belly. It feels as if someone is giving a touch of love which is full of serenity and peace. I am really impressed with this design and would surely love to try it on.

6. Design 6:

belly henna designs six
Via pinterest
If you are spiritual in nature and firmly believe in God, then this design is for you. This big Ganesha Ji belly henna design is loved by women, especially in India. It not only looks beautiful but also makes you feel that God is always there with you. You can get it done as shown in the picture or replace Ganesha Ji’s idol with any other god’s idol as per your choice.

7. Design 7:

belly henna designs seven
Via pinterest
The tree motif is one of the most common and loved belly henna designs. But of all the tree designs I have seen, I just loved this one. It has a very appealing and deep impact, when you look at it. It’s partially covering your belly but the way it has been made is really unique.

8. Design 8:

belly henna designs eight
Via pinterest
This is yet another beautiful and appealing belly henna design. While most of the henna designs are not colored, this particular design has been decorated with glitter and bindi which make this simple design look attractive.

9. Design 9:

belly henna designs nine
Via pinterest
The lotus motif is loved by all. The beauty of the lotus flower has been depicted through this beautiful lotus belly henna design. A beautiful fish on top of it and various small flowers around the lotus make this design sober and beautiful. I totally loved this design.

10. Design 10:

belly henna designs ten
Via pinterest
The heart is one of the most commonly made designs all over the world. So, how can we miss the heart design in our list of the top 10 belly henna designs? Here comes one of the best designs with a big heart in it along with some really beautiful flowers and leaves. It’s a very simple yet adorable design.

Dancing shoes for ballet-inspired

She likes to experiment with fashion choices, but former Strictly Come Dancing winner, Alesha Dixon's latest photoshoot is a little out there, even by her standards.
The Britain's Got Talent judge and new mum has popped on her dancing shoes once more for a ballet-inspired photoshoot to showcase 'teal' as 2014's colour of the year. 
The trend has been predicted by the team at paint brand, Dulux. 
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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fashion Week

Sarah Hecks - New York Fashion Week kicks off the fashion calendar and as the opening event of the season a lot of pressure falls on the Big Apple to provide some sensational looks. Here is our pick of the top 10 catwalk shows to watch.

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Illustrations InspirationOne of the most important things for a designer is to get inspired. We are focusing on inspirational items to help both creative people and beginners on their next projects.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014:

When high street champion Topshop hit the runway ALL girls sit up and take notice - not just FROW pros Kate Moss, Pixie Geldof and Daisy Lowe. Ho no, no.

The Unique catwalk show proved the brand still knows exactly how to reel off the good stuff and we're set on wearing all of their Spring/ Summer 2014 collection.

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Dixon Suit Up For Britain's Got Talent

It was the battle of the power suits as Amanda Holden and Alesha DIxon arrived in Wales for the Cardiff round of Britain's Got Talent auditions.

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New Campaign

The blonde is jaw-droppingly gorgeous in the new campaign and has Team MyDaily desperate to buy something, ANYTHING from the range.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

I L L U S T R A T I O N S ·

  • I have the sensation that this year is flying over our heads like a condor. Every movement seems to be important, the root for something bigger in the future. It's happening right now and It happened to me during all this year. This is a selection of some work created during 2013, most of all experimental.
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  • Rovos Rail African Train

    Go ahead, kick up your heels, lean back with cocktail in hand and watch the African countryside pass by inside your luxury rail car. Luxury train company Rovos Rail takes guests back to a simpler time, a time when railways ruled the travel industry and romantic locomotives regularly transported guests from location to location.

    Friday, 17 January 2014

    Tried & Tested: Blow-dries in Dubai.

    Tried & Tested: Blow-dries in Dubai. (Part one)I constantly get emails and questions from women asking me for recommendations on where to get blow-dries in Dubai… I scoured the city, tried different blow-outs in different areas, different salons with different prices. Check out my round up below. Let me know if you have one you think should be added to the list, or what you need help finding.

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    Healthy Skin

    Healthy skin as name shows you can find by a healthy diet. In this world everyone is busy on struggling according to their way and don't have time about self care which can be harmful for them. So it is also essential to take time out for own self care. First of all have a good diet fulfill your required calories so that you always exhibit yourself active and fine. Our diet getting less while tensions, depression, stress, frustration increasing day by day that for we all have at least a single complain about worst health.
    For reducing these of things we will have to punctual first if we will follow time will follow us. we should take proper sleepy at its time almost 8 to 9 hours and most important relax your mind at any part of the day. At any corner side sit a while and forget all frustrations and that situation what you are facing typically it will work out for relaxing your mind nicely. Have healthy breakfast at the morning like eggs, bread, butter and juices types. Take exercise everyday it affects a lot on your body and skin. Improves blood circulation as well. In lunch try to avoid oily food as it is a major cause of increasing cholesterol. Yogurt vegetables are most important for a healthy diet and healthy skin.
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    Chiffon Evening Dress

    Most of our dresses are made-to-order to provide you a perfect fit according to your measurements. We recommend that you select the custom measurement option for a full advantage.

    Beautiful pictures

    Short Curly Hairstyles

    curly short hairstylesFor women, the best hairstyles in summers are the short hairstyles. They can keep them straightened or form short curls. Especially curls in short hair look graceful and elegant. Women, who do not find enough time for styling their hair every morning they get up, will find keeping short hairstyles the best option. Women, who are working in some business, who are ready to go to a club, who are at homes enjoying weekend with their family will stay easy and relax with their short curly hairstyles


    Prom dressesProm nights are the special occasions for the youth who at the highly vulnerable age of attraction, tend to pursue the best in themselves through what fashion has to offer them. With the dates drawing in for the prom night, all are in constant efforts to have the very best outfits to stun other friends and partners. Since all is about show, love and attraction; these formal outfits for the youth are patterned and served out in styles that have a flirty and dazzling look because of the passionate demand. Some are revealing while others are fancy and seductively trendy. Depending on the taste, choice and confidence, there is plenty to choose from.

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    Wedding Dresses

    wedding dressesWedding dresses are some of the most formal outfits for women which are designed in layout and colors that tend to complement the ceremonial demand. These dresses are not so ostentatiously adorned with fancy work and hot shades but are rather served out in the traditional white color. However, since this fashion year is more inclined towards bolder experimentation in the outlook of everything, even these Wedding dresses have now been tampered with in the use of colored shades; which indeed is a very bold move that defies the centuries long practiced wedding outlook of brides. Now the Wedding dresses can be found in many sizzling shades and fancy works along with the twists of many new trends introduced in clothing.

    Beyonce Hairstyles

    Beyonce hairstyles include braids, curly, wavy and straight styles. The first step in getting the hairstyles of Beyonce is to get hair like her. 

    Get hair like Beyonce
    Let’s begin with some steps to get hair like Beyonc√©.

    Step 1: Wash and condition your hair
    Start with washing your hair with shampoo and condition them. Let the hair dry and apply smoothing lotion to get shine and volume.

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    Fashion 2014

    Winter Fashion 2014Winter Fashion 2014 includes lot of options for styling this 2014. In fact we believe that you can have more wardrobe options during the cooler months. These outfit ideas will make you looking cute and cozy during the whole season. When it comes to hottest fashion trends for the autumn and winter 2013-2014 you cannot go wrong sporting this. We have been trend hunting low and high looking at runways across all fashion capitals and have come up with style edit of trends you are going to be wearing this autumn and winter.
    Who cares if season ahead drops few degrees when there are trends like these to get involved with there are nothing to be glum about? From hues which are so bright you will need to keep your sunglasses on we are already itching to start these trends ahead of the time. Whether you are ready to be tartan princess, some armored style warrior or high shine metallic head turner there is no shortage of any hot fashion trends to fall in love with. From London, Paris, Milan and New York here is your trend prescription for seasons ahead.

    Tuesday, 14 January 2014

    Childhood Dreams (And Nightmares) Come True

    For kids of the 1990s, scholastic history would not be complete without the 62 books published by horror fiction master R.L. Stine. The "Stephen King of children's literature" simultaneously delighted and terrified literate students from 1992 to 1997 with his beloved series "Goosebumps," invading everyone's nightmares with stories like "Stay Out of the Basement" and "Night of the Living Dummy."
    youcantscaremeNow, thanks to an art zine called "Monster Edition," we can relive the words of our favorite "Goosebumps" titles. Over 40 artists joined the ranks of the online community, submitting images inspired by the werewolves, worms, phantoms and mummies that occupy Stine's famous pages.

    "You Can't Scare Me"
    The full-color zine is available on the "Monster Edition" website, curated by Toronto-based artists Sabrina Parolin and Jennifer Ilett. "We both grew up on 'Goosebumps' and are huge fans of the books and television show," they wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. "The impact of this series obviously left a longstanding impression on us both so we decided to organize this project to create some fun art that re-imagined some of our favorite stories!"
    "We also thought it would be a great opportunity to collaborate with other artists we admire who also felt a connection with this series from our childhood," they added.

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    Superhit Romantic Songs

    Monday, 13 January 2014

    How to sweat in style

    Stylish workout: H&M has revamped its sportwear (Picture: Supplied)

    The real secret to keeping your new year’s resolution to exercise more isn’t joining an expensive gym – it’s being excited about getting dressed. That’s right: invest in workout gear that makes a statement while you sweat and you’re guaranteed to have a fitter year.
    Sweat in style wearing Nike, Adidas and H&M‘Stylish workout gear?’ I hear you ask. It’s true that in the past women’s sports clothing left a lot to be desired. Many styles felt completely out of sync with anything remotely fashionable. But sportswear has come a long way and today a jogging suit is just as likely to be seen on a catwalk as on a treadmill. Blame it on the trendy gyms sweeping the country or our obsession with fashion but a baggy T-shirt and an old pair of sweats just doesn’t cut it any more.
    Sales of workout gear are growing faster than those of everyday clothing. In the US last year, spending on workout clothes jumped seven per cent to almost £20billion compared with a one per cent rise in spending on other clothing. And the cash isn’t being blown on any old kit; the trend is for workout clothes that look good in and out of the gym.

    10 fashion buys for Spring

    There’s nothing like the arrival of new season clothes in the shops to perk us up during a stormy winter.
    It’s always very tempting to run out and buy the first spring looks you see, but to ensure you don’t end up frittering away funds on random purchases, we’ve done a bit of window shopping on your behalf.
    Snap up some of our top 10 buys for spring/summer 2014 below (many already in stores and others to come), selected with the key trends of the season in mind, and you’ll have the perfect capsule wardrobe to take you through to the warmer months. Just try not to be too smug about it.

    Saturday, 11 January 2014

    Be Successful in Middle School (Girls)

    1. 1
      Get your look together. Even though what clothes you wear shouldn't influence how people see you, the truth is, it does. Dress appropriately. For example, avoid wearing low tank tops, and instead, maybe a t-shirt. It doesn't have to be from a expensive brand or a designer outfit, but just enough to show others your unique personality or style.
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    Who, What, When, Where, Why,

      So you finally got "the look" and you're moving in for that killer kiss when it dawns on you that you need help—and fast. We're going to teach you everything we know about who, what, when, where, why, and how to kiss. Pucker up and let's have some fun!
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    Friday, 3 January 2014


    terapija hot stone 1
    Volcanic rock massages by far the most favorite in massage parlors, beauty spa and centers across the worlds.
    Some old people even think that volcanic rocks represent the oldest form of life on the planet. It is also thought that because of the way the earth created volcanic rocks. They come from the interior of the planet and are formed by passing water through heated lava.

    Making the Best Instant Coffee

    • One instant coffee packet or one tablespoon of loose instant coffee grounds
    • Sugar, if you like it
    • A mug
    • Water or milk
    • A spoon
    • An electric kettle
    • Cream, if you like it
    • Pour your coffee grounds into your mug. If you take your coffee with sugar, add this in now as well.
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    Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World

    Photographer Murad Osmann creatively documents his travels around the world with his girlfriend leading the way in his ongoing series known as Follow Me To. Chronicling his adventures on Instagram, the Russian photographer composes each shot in a similar fashion. We see each landscape from the photographer's point of view with his extended hand holding onto his girlfriend's in front of him.
    With her back turned, never revealing her face to the camera, Osmann's girlfriend guides us all on a journey across the globe to some of the most beautiful, exotic, and radiant environments. There are also comforting and familiar settings mixed in for good measure. Whether the couple is spending a romantic night in Moscow, having an exotic adventure in Asia, or simply going bowling, Osmann keeps a visual record of their escapades as he trails behind his beloved.