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Friday, 17 January 2014

Fashion 2014

Winter Fashion 2014Winter Fashion 2014 includes lot of options for styling this 2014. In fact we believe that you can have more wardrobe options during the cooler months. These outfit ideas will make you looking cute and cozy during the whole season. When it comes to hottest fashion trends for the autumn and winter 2013-2014 you cannot go wrong sporting this. We have been trend hunting low and high looking at runways across all fashion capitals and have come up with style edit of trends you are going to be wearing this autumn and winter.
Who cares if season ahead drops few degrees when there are trends like these to get involved with there are nothing to be glum about? From hues which are so bright you will need to keep your sunglasses on we are already itching to start these trends ahead of the time. Whether you are ready to be tartan princess, some armored style warrior or high shine metallic head turner there is no shortage of any hot fashion trends to fall in love with. From London, Paris, Milan and New York here is your trend prescription for seasons ahead.

Winter Fashion 2014
Winter Fashion 2014 is some inspirational designs. In a word we can say that winter is bleak. Once it sinks in that there are some months of darkness ahead the only thing you want to do is just complain and only wear pajamas. However finding some pieces that make you want to leave your house and be more social human are an important part of survival. To make it easy on you we have rounded up some winter fashion 2014 ideas to help and assist with the holiday inspiration. And at the least take solace in knowing that you can always just buy some great coat and just simply refuse to take it off.

For reasons some no one will ever understand that tartan tends to be pigeonholed as holiday look. Well to that we can say no thank you. Collections by designers like Alberta Ferretti and Moschino and featured traditional print in some heavier fabrics and matching suits during this season while Christian Dior went Braveheart route and draped solid over print with some metallic punk-like makeup. So abolish naysayers. They may take movie quotes but they may not take your tartan.
Winter Fashion 2014Winter Fashion 2014
Winter is not just for the grey and the black everybody knows that, right? So if you want to return to some soft pastels this 2013/2014 is time to shine. Whether you embrace tones through pieces like light blue coat in the Proenza Schouler’s collection or you gravitate towards floral top paired with some pastel pants like at the Sonia Rykiel you can wear some light spring colors even when spring seems like furthest thing away. In words of South Park do what you want?
Off-The-Shoulder Dresses are another winter fashion 2014. The best thing about winter is it coats exists. So while we have been conditioned to think we must also bundle up in the oversize sweaters we can take nod from Prada who paired up 50s-influenced off-the-shoulder blouses with full skirts and some winter jackets. You can do same thing and vow never to wear turtleneck again. Even though they are seasonal staple so do not say it too loud.