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Friday, 3 January 2014


terapija hot stone 1
Volcanic rock massages by far the most favorite in massage parlors, beauty spa and centers across the worlds.
Some old people even think that volcanic rocks represent the oldest form of life on the planet. It is also thought that because of the way the earth created volcanic rocks. They come from the interior of the planet and are formed by passing water through heated lava.

The volcanic rocks are distinguished from others by the fact that they contain large electromagnetic potential. Just because of this electromagnetic potential it is strongly an energy massage.
hot stone massage 4

Given that the stones are heated to 43 ° C is the question of what kind of a strong thermal massage.
This thermal massage affects the overall circulation in the body. In fact it represents the very foundation of massage.
 With only improving the circulation ensures open blood vessels, the body clearing the cellular level, to shake the lymph and the detoxification process starting.
It is important to relax the muscles that are in a stressful situation and are very tense and as such represent a major problem for human health.
hot masage lupkanje
The therapist who massages with volcanic stones should very well know the power centers of stopping them, placing hot volcanic rocks on all so-called chakras or energy points.
What is interesting about the massage with volcanic stones that apply different movements that can be just as massages with heating oil (oil), and then tap the movements and the unclogging of pressure points thus enhancing their deep stimulation.
Massage with volcanic stones despite being warm can also be cold, so some beauty salons combine them both(hot and cool stones). Cold volcanic rocks massage is made with white rocks that are cooled in the Lenten chambers and freezers.
cold stones for terapy
Dark volcanic rocks are used for hot rock massage and they are heated in special containers with hot water.
hot stone terapija
Due to the specific structure of the stones it is recommended a set of stones to work a maximum of 2 therapists.
The feelings that arise during the massage and after the massage with volcanic stones are unique.
This particular massage it provides.
So be in a good mood, get rid of heavy feelings and enjoy the days ahead of you.
spa salon hot masage
In the next video the procedure of volcanic rock massage is shown. It is filed so even an amateur can follow the video instructions.