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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

10 successful transgender

Their charm has helped them to make a career in the fashion world

In this amazing world, anyone can achieve amazing heights and become what He wills. Girls, which we want to tell you - living proof: they were not afraid that society will judge them, but simply made their choice and now live and enjoy life.

1. Carmen Carrera, USA

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Carmen Carrera - 28-year-old American television host and participant in some reality show. It first appeared in the third season of the show «Drag Race RuPaul» and immediately won the sympathy of the audience thanks to its excellent fit and glamorous sight. She was even given a second chance when she lost one of the tours of the show.
In 2012, the Carrera said that she - a transsexual and was once a man. The decision to change sex in her life has brought a lot of changes, including painful, but the pain was worth it. Carrera is now famous in the fashion world - appeared on the covers of fashion magazines and high class participated in a fashion show during the "Fashion Week" in Los Angeles.

2. Valentin de Knight, The Netherlands

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Valentin de Knight - 21-year-old model and a transsexual, who participated in a documentary about the lives of children and transsexuals and censuring the difficulties with which they often face.
When Valentine was filmed for the first time, she was eight years old boy - originally they were shooting for the TV program on gender identity disorder in children. Directed by Nacho Hetty agreed with Valentin on its participation in the shooting for a longer period - he wanted to make a film about her life in the long term, including those decisions that it will take in the future.
Filming lasted a result of nine years and in 2007, the film was first shown on Dutch television. Just before the release of the film, Valentin decided on a sex change operation.
17-year-old girl was 186 cm tall and has the cheekbones that could envy of any model, so it's no surprise that soon she signed a contract with Amsterdam modeling agency, and soon she took part in a fashion show in Paris.
In the end, its growth is considered too high for a serious career as a top model, and she went to college in Amsterdam to study literature: so Valentin planned to continue his career in the fashion world as a journalist. When she worked as an assistant at a fashion show Booker in Amsterdam, it drew attention to the growth of many models-transgederov again and decided to try his hand in this area. Valentin now often removed for fashion magazines.

3. Ines Rau, France

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Ines Rau - a beautiful 24-year-old female transsexual and the French model of North African descent. She currently lives in New York.
Ines was born in Paris. Sex reassignment surgery done at age 15 and shortly thereafter became a model - it drew the attention of one of the employees of the Paris modeling agency.
Since then she has been successful in the modeling industry and starred in numerous photo shoots for top magazines like «Lurve» American and «Playboy».

4. Lauren Foster, South Africa

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Lauren Foster - 57-year-old South African model. It is - one of the most famous transgender women in the world. In particular, it became one of the first such models, who starred for the Mexican edition of the magazine «Vogue».
Within a year after puberty doctors determined that Lauren - woman. She was diagnosed - Klinefelter's syndrome, which means that instead of the usual pair of XY chromosomes she had genotype XXY.
Lauren began working as a model in Johannesburg, and then in Paris, where he regularly starred in magazines and advertising. She was allowed to participate in the contest "Miss South Africa", and in 1980 it hired «Vogue». In 2000, she began working with iconic singer Grace Jones. In 2001, the year Foster appeared in a cameo role in the film "Circle" Dirk Shafer.
Now she is married and lives in Miami Beach and Cape Town. She also - the first female transsexual who regularly participates in the show "Real Housewives."

5. Amaya Scott, USA

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Amaya Scott - transsexual model and makeup artist, she was born in New York in 1988, the year. Sex reassignment surgery she had done in 17 years - also increased her breast, lips and cheeks.

6. Jenna Talakova, Canada

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Jenna Talakova - Canadian model and TV presenter, has attracted the attention of the media in 2012, the year: then she sued the organizers of the contest "Miss Universe Canada" for the fact that her first was disqualified because she was a transsexual.
Previously, she participated in the contest "Miss International 2010" for transsexuals in Thailand, and after decided to take part in the contest "Miss Universe Canada 2012." Once she was among the 65 years girls selected to participate in the competition, one of the organizers of the "Miss International" has contacted the leadership of "Miss Canada" and talked about the past Talakovoy. She was disqualified because, according to the rules, to participate in the competition only "naturally born" women.
Talakovoy lawyers decided to sue the organizers of the show, and eventually she was allowed to participate.May 19, 2012-year Talakova passed in the top 12, but in the top 5 has not been able to escape. She now has his own TV show, which started on the channel «E!» This fall.

7. Amelia Maltepe Bangladesh

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Amelia Maltepe originally from Bangladesh - 23-year-old model, who now lives in Toronto, Canada.
After moving to Toronto in 2009, where she was still a man, planned to go to university, Amelia, she said, opened her eyes she could become a woman. Then she began taking hormones to change your body.
Two months later, she chose breast implants. In 2012, the year she spent on them $ 10,000, and more than $ 3,000 for laser hair removal, and then became involved in a glamorous show in hopes of making a career in modeling. Despite the fact that she was born a man, she has hope one day to get the title "Miss World".
Although a full sex-change operation Amelia still not done, she now lives as a woman with his friend and trainer Charles.

8. Fiona Solis, Philippines

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Fiona Solis - 26-year-old model transsexual from the Philippines, she participated in several beauty contests for transsexuals. In 2009, the year Fiona took part in the contest "Queen of Cebu," which was attended by more than 100 transgender and Fiona entered the top-21. She also starred in the TV series and four commercials.
Her next goal - to take part in Thai "Miss International".

9. That Teri, USA

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
That Teri decided on the operation in 1980 in New York. In 1984, she spent her days as a student of fashion, and after the sun dipped into the nightlife of New York. After a chance meeting with designer Stephen Spruzom Teri tried herself as a model and almost immediately won a sensational popularity.
Soon she took part in the shows "Gauthier», «Comme Des Garcons», «Chanel" and appeared on the pages of the German «Vogue». Steven Meisel, Nan Goldin and David Armstrong considered her his muse.
But in 1987, Terry has disappeared from the world of fashion as quickly as it had come: she returned to her native Des Moines, Iowa, where since working in real estate.

10. Talita Tsampirolli, Brazil

10 successful transgender, made a career in the modeling industry
Talita Tsampirolli - 24-year-old transsexual model and student of industrial design from Brazil. Talita underwent a sex change operation in Sao Paulo: The procedure was done with the money her grandmother shortly after her 18th birthday with the support of the entire family.