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Monday, 3 February 2014

Five ways to maximize

Although carpooling does not guarantee you to lower transport costs, it could be your best option when the public bus stop, for example, is too far from your home or the bus schedule does not match yours. Unless you’re aggressively scrimping for an upcoming school expense, choose the alternative that lets you save and be comfortable at the same time. I think carpooling accommodates both purposes.
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1 Know your carpooling options

It is important to know all the transportation alternatives you have in your community. If you’re looking at carpooling, finding more about it will help you expand your choices. With all your options, you can strategically plan your trips, especially your daily trips to and from school if you’re not living nearby.
Find out if the community you belong to support carpooling as a mode of transportation. This includes:
- Knowing who among the people in your community take carpool passengers
- The routes they take and if they can be flexible to accommodate you, and- The cost of riding with them.

If not, where is it available? Even if it’s only available in other towns, perhaps you could still use this option when needed.
Your knowledge will be very handy in case of emergency such as an unavoidable traffic jam right in your route or when you’re trying to avoid stress from traveling with too many commuters. In addition, there might be instances when you need to travel to a destination where public vehicles are scarce. Carpooling might just be the answer to that.

2 Establish a list of contacts

Having a list of contacts expands your carpooling options. One place to look is the local pick-up or drop-off point. If you don’t know where this is located, consult the internet or ask around the town. You might even find several carpooling locations in your area. Once you know where to look, find out the carpooling schedules and the people who get passengers regularly.
For students who offer their vehicles for carpooling, look at the notice boards in campus. Also, ask around! The wider your knowledge about the carpooling system in your place, the more opportunities you get and the better choices you make.

3 Carpool not only to school but also to other destinations

Visiting another city for a research study but budget isn’t provided and the local transport doesn’t take your route? Been delaying your visit to this surfing haven in the next state because transportation money needed is ridiculous? Time to consult that list. You might be lucky to find vehicle owners who would be happy to share the ride with you for only a fraction of the cost.

4 Make regular carpool buddies

One concern in carpooling is security. Making regular carpool buddies whom you interact with will somehow make you feel that you’re riding with trustworthy people. If you cannot ride with the same people whenever you ride a carpool, you could at least interact with the other passengers. Meeting them in person before your actual carpool arrangement is best. Such practices will let you and other passengers feel at ease with one another.

5 Look for other people to ride with you

Arranging a carpool system may be difficult if you don’t have your own vehicle to offer. However, it does not mean it’s not possible. For example, you know someone (or a friend of a friend) who’s going to a particular place for a school project and you happen to be going there, too. Why don’t you ask if this person would be happy to ride with a few more people and share gas and toll? You might be doing him or her a favor.
If you have your own vehicle, then obviously, you should be inviting people to ride with you so you could lower your expenses. You also get to travel with company.

Another benefit of carpooling is being able to take part in a pro-environment movement. As you know, carpooling, like taking public transportation, is widely regarded as an environment-friendly alternative to driving private vehicles. So by choosing carpooling, you do not only achieve convenience, you also do your part for the environment.