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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wearing Red Lipstick to the Office

joan holloawayThe BBC doesn’t know it yet, but we have a serious bone to pick with them. Our reasoning is simple: do not mess with our red lipstick — or infuriate our inner Joan Holloway. We fully acknowledge that there are much more pressing matters in the world, but the idea that someone, somewhere, is oppressing a women’s right to swipe on a red lip is infuriating. And it’s not just an issue of vanity.
The BBC’s female children’s TV presenters have been banned from wearing red lipstick or looking “too sexy” on air by one of the network’s senior editors. Hosts are told they must be “fantastic female role models,” which no matter how you look at it, is demeaning to any woman that has sported a red pout. Furthermore, we’re reading this as upper-level execs deciding that wearing red lipstick is just as provocative as a low-cut blouse or mini-skirt in the workplace, which we find ridiculous.
We know that we work in a fashion office, and that our day-to-day dress code isn’t exactly the status quo of business etiquette, but we’ve always perceived a red lip as being a classic. Sure, there can be vampy associations, but that’s always a contextual matter. If a woman is appropriately dressed in the office, we so no reason why she shouldn’t be able to wear a red pout. In fact, we encourage any woman who feels empowered by doing so to go right ahead.
“Red lipstick is a source of strength,” Poppy King, creator of Lipstick Queen, told Psychologies Magazine. “You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it.”
For example, a major part of the ’80s power suit look, which may or may not be experiencing a revival thanks toThe Wolf of Wall Street, was red lipstick. The economy was booming, there were more women in the workplace than ever before, and you know what? Their lips were crimson as they climbed up the ladder of success. As far as we’re concerned, the only thing a woman should worry about when wearing a red lip, is how she complements it.
“A perfect red mouth, with a bit of blush and a neutral eye shadow, always looks appropriate,” advised makeup artistNapoleon Perdis to Forbes in their guide to easy office beauty. In addition to making sure you make your red lipstick is the only focal point of your beauty look, you also have to be weary of it’s upkeep to avoid fading or smudging. You can do this by using pressed power and a nude lip pencil. For more on that, see our 3 tricks to a classic red lip.
At the end of the day, we don’t believe that red lipstick is worth jeopardizing your career over, whatever line if work you may be in. If your office has put a ban on it, you might have to bite the bullet and simply save it for after-hours. However, we’re always going to hope for the day that such unavailing prejudices against women don’t poison the workplace.