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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Routes To Find

Future Christmas holidays - it is an opportunity to begin a new year with a journey that can change a lot. We were inspired by the sixth film, the heroine who found themselves and their destiny, to go far away from home.
Where to go: Rome, Italy
What to watch: "Roman Holiday", 1953

What may not have enough princesses? It turns out that much. Adventure, madness and love.Princess Anne performed by Audrey Hepburn, arrived in Rome as part of a diplomatic tour, made up for the shortage of surprises and surprises in my life. Such-and-so, Anna ran away from the palace rushing to the Eternal City on a motorcycle with a wonderful new friend Joe and swam with him to get away from the royal guard.

The route of Anne and Joe at the Italian capital easier. Any Roman gladly show the Spanish Steps, where Princess Anne was asleep, and in Via Margutta, 51, is the house where the rented apartment reporter Joe, a character actor Gregory Peck. The scene where the characters prove to each other that are telling the truth, took place in the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, at the entrance of which are the Mouth of Truth.
Where to go: Tuscany, Italy
What to watch: "Stealing Beauty", 1996
This story also takes place in Italy, sensual, but away from the bustle of the city. Young and beautiful heroine Liv Tyler goes to Tuscany where, amid stunning scenery and open spaces learns first love, growing up, trying to figure out the riddle of the soul of his dead mother, reading her poetic diary.
Plains and hills of Tuscany, in fact, the ideal place to discover the talents of the poet or artist, enjoy wine and fresh bread and start keeping your own secret diary of the most intimate experiences.
Travelling to yourself
The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome
Where to go: Barcelona, ​​Spain
What to watch: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", 2008
Two friends, Vicky and betrothed free and seeking adventure Christine fall in a tangled romantic history as soon find themselves in a passionate Barcelona in northeastern Spain. Artist performed Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz as his eccentric ex-wife embody the true spirit of hot Spain.Crazy how the architecture of Gaudi, and tireless, like bulls at a bullfight, Spaniards few people remain indifferent.
Where to go: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
What to watch: "Sex and the City - 2", 2010
What if communication with a young and beloved husband still deadlocked, and have best friends on the horizon, family problems? You can arrange a bachelorette party, drink wine and ice cream to overeat. But it is better to collect the girls together and give up on luxury resort overseas, as did the famous quartet of "Sex and the City."
Inseparable friends Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha went to Abu Dhabi, where they learned the secrets of Muslim fashionistas wandered through authentic oriental bazaar, plunged into a real luxury and wealth Arab Emirates and, of course, got into trouble - as without it?
Where to go: Italy, India and Bali, Indonesia
What to watch: "Eat, Pray, Love", 2010
Depression and feelings of emptiness can catch not only in middle age. Many of us woke up one day with the question whether we are doing all right and, more importantly, for what? What we really want and what efforts made to fulfill our present and secret desires? Heroine Julia Roberts realized what she really wants three things: eat, pray and love. And for this city resident left his apartment and attractive boyfriend to go to triple travel to countries beginning with the letter "and" Italy, India and Indonesia.
New friends and a fresh experience every day, new tastes and smells new life without time pressure and responsibilities opened our eyes to the heroine herself. In Italy, Elizabeth meets its gastronomic appetites, not thinking about those extra pounds. In India, she remains silent for a dialogue with itself, and in Indonesia Elizabeth dazzles diversity of colors and stunning new feeling - Love.
To repeat the journey of writer Elizabeth Gilbert, it takes time (the heroine spent the trip year for four months in each country), financial savings, and most importantly - the courage and determination to change their lives.
Where to go: Georgia
What to watch: "Love with an accent," 2012
That people are willing to search for life? Money, fame, success? Answer: love. Heroes kinosbornika stories from director Rezo Gigineishvili find her in a fabulous Georgia, surrounded by mountains and mysteries. Some of the characters in this country is by chance, someone who lives in the capital of Georgia and is looking for his destiny in this town, but one of the characters played by Anna Mihalkovoj sent to Tbilisi specifically to find the man of her dreams. "Love Project" awkward and funny bbw, appears doomed to failure ... But not in Georgia! Strong wine and hot khinkali, dancing and walking in the mountains, smiling women and gallant men, riddles and stories of old Tbilisi and the sea breeze in Batumi. And around here, around the corner of a steep serpentine rock, waiting for the little cupid to shoot in the heart of the next beauty.
Text: Alina Krasnov
Photo: Fotolia / alloverpress,

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