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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dark Under Eye Bags in 4 Easy Steps

Of all the universal beauty concerns we all face—blemishes, split ends, and dry skin—under-eye circles are one of the most annoying. Miss a little sleep, have one too many cocktails, or find yourself dealing with workplace stress, and any hereditary dark circles you already have can immediately intensify. Not to worry, because with a little practice you can easily cover dark circles.

The first step to covering dark circles is to pick the right color concealer. “Go one shade lighter than your skin, which will brighten the area,” Andersen says. “You want to use the least amount of product possible, so apply your concealer after your foundation. This will give a natural-looking finish.”

Using a small brush, dab the concealer over any dark areas, starting next to the bridge of your nose. “There’s a little blue vein in the hollow area in the inner corner of the eye you want to brighten,” Andersen says. “Then follow the blue area all the way around your eye.”

Before you blend, make sure you’ve added dots of concealer in the same pattern as Andersen, above. That means evenly sized and spaced dabs from the inside corner, all the way to the beginning of the outer third of your eye.
The best tool to blend concealer under your eyes is your ring finger, since it delivers the lightest touch. “You want to gently press the concealer in and avoid pulling on the skin around your eyes,” Andersen says. Keep pressing gently until it’s almost fully blended.
Gently soften any edges, blending up and out.

If your skin tends to get greasy, you can add a thin veil of setting powder to lock your work in place.

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