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Friday, 13 June 2014

Lotion Works Too

If you have no hair oil in the house, you most likely have lotion. Apply the same way you would the oil, but make sure to not use too much because you will cause your hair to be greasy.

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Skip a Day

If you skip a day between washing your hair, you won't have to apply hair oil to your hair because the natural oils in your hair will do the same for you.

Dryer Sheets

This one actually works! Grab a dryer sheet that you use for drying your clothes. It helps reduce static on your hair and also on your clothes. You can even carry these around with you in your bag or purse.


You can eliminate static by brushing your hair with a natural fiber brush that has a wooden handle.

Boar Bristles

Boar bristles are natural fibers that help spread all of the natural oils in your hair around.


Use a humidifier to soak in moisture into your hair while you are asleep. You will wake up with beautiful and moisturized hair.


The humidifier also works to hydrate your skin, which is really important during the winter because it is so dry.

Fight the Static

These are just a few ways you can help fight off the static that comes in to ruin a lovely hair day. Try these tips next time static attempts to sneak into your day!