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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Twists And Bends

Twists and bends of human ingenuity

In our world of robots and high technology there are more items, significantly simplifying life or bringing it more and more variety.

See More gathered for you the coolest gadgets that are already hard at work.

Lawn was - became pool.

Great option for those who like fast food.

Well, hello, sunshine!

Partner in table tennis.


Hammer for those who are tired to beat his fingers.

And why it did not come up before?

Transformers. Home.

Layfhak case when alcohol is prohibited to carry.

Steep imitation handwriting.

Pocket printer in action.

Creating animation.

And what about the panorama from the window?

This guy is always ready.

With these doors can park anywhere.

A good way to get out of the mud, for example.

Before this sign just stop.

All equal slices!

Space lamp from IKEA.

Electric arc - a reliable way to erase the optical disc.

Fascinating spectacle.