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Monday, 16 June 2014

Wonders Of Civilization.Picture

These images show the abandoned places, how fast objects fall into decay without human attention. Some of them have been abandoned due to natural disasters, wars or man-made disasters, while others have simply ceased to comply with the spirit of time.
At different points of the earth there are beautiful sights such as the statue of Christ, which is under water off the coast of Italy, or a ghost town in the Namibian desert Kolmanskop. Today, these objects only rarely attract the attention of the person.

Lonely man takes pictures inside the ruined house of the Bulgarian Communist Party on Mount Buzludja. The building became unnecessary after the party lost control of the country.
Abandoned military forts at the mouth of the River Thames, UK
Military factory producing missiles "Energomash" in the suburbs. Picture taken blogger calling itself Lana Sator. She managed to get at sensitive sites in 2011
El Hotel del Salto in Colombia, more like a haunted house. It opened its doors for rich tourists in 1928 but was closed in the early nineties
Medieval ghost town in the Italian province Beziliketa. Evacuation of people from this place occurred in 1963 after a series of earthquakes
Romantic medieval castle Bodiam Castle, located near the East Sussex, England
Pripyat, built for Chernobyl workers and their families. Was evacuated after the explosion, which occurred in 1986 
Bobsled track at Mount Trebevich in Republika Srpska, located southeast of Sarajevo. It was damaged during the Bosnian War 1992 - 1995's
The temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia became a tourist attraction because of the unusual form of ancient trees growing among the ruins
Lone plane crashed near the runway ice airfield "Hills patriots", Antarctica
Abandoned Nara Dreamland amusement park in Japan, which was closed in August 2006
A similar fate befell Wonderland amusement park on the outskirts of Beijing
Unfinished gloomy castle in the field. Funds for the construction stopped coming after a disagreement arising between local authorities and farmers
Flooded statue of Christ in the company of fish in San Fruttuoso, Italy. It was deliberately placed under the water to commemorate the first Italian diver who died on this spot in 1947
Ghost town Kolmanskop, Namibia. Place left in 1954, after then ran diamonds
Ik-Kil Senout in Yucatan, Mexico - one of the few places used by the Maya as a sacred wells.Dumped here young men and women as victims of the rain god. Now here, tourists love to bathe.