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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Apply Eye Makeup

Today we are going to share the simplest and the most basic way to apply eye makeup, since I am getting crazy for eye makeup now days and I personally think if you have perfect skin and you know how to apply eye makeup according to the occasion then that is all you need to turn all the ends.

How to Apply Eye MakeupHow to Apply Eye Makeup Tips

We will start with neat and clean face and we will apply some serum or moisturizer all over the face and then we will apply foundation or concealer and finish it with lose powder, now we will take couple of shade lighter than skin tone concealer and add some lose highlighter in it and blend it all around the skin and blend well.How to Apply Purple
Now take the same highlighter and mix it with foundation and apply over the lid and blend, it will give you a perfect base with some glow and natural shine too, now we will take the base shade and apply all over the lid, I would say take a shade darker than your skin tone and apply over the lid and blend, now take a shimmery shade and apply over the lid and blend, but don’t go over the crease.How to Apply Eye Makeup Based on Your Eye Shape
Now take a darker shade and apply over the outer corner and blend and make a sharp V shape at the outer corner with that, now take some dark mate shade and apply right over the crease and deepen the crease too.How To Apply Eye Makeup Step By Step With Pictures
Now take plain white or any shiny highlighter and apply right under the brow bone and blend with soft brush, all over the brow bone, now it is time to apply the liner, it is up to you which kind of liner you would like to apply, apply a liner over the upper lash line and a line under your lower lash line and apply a nude shade over your water line and finish the look with mascara.How to Apply Eyeshadow for the Evening
I hope the simple way to apply eye makeup was helpful and would give you a nice natural look too.