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Saturday, 5 July 2014

latest dress design

A great range of dress designs of summer released in 2013. Variety of colors with huge range of styles can be seen everywhere in Pakistan which is well known for its fashion industry. Range of dress designs includes frocks, long shirts, loose long shirts, tights loose trousers, jeans etc.
Fashion trends to change after sometime but few remains for longtime for example, frocks with tights and Shalwar kameez. No doubt prints of clothes changes and becomes old with time but we can see that fashion of shalwaar kameez never becomes old. From the age of 7 to 65 and above females of Pakistan, mostly like to wear shalwaar
Latest Dress Designs of Summer 2013 For Girls
Latest Dress Designs of Summer 2013 For Girls
In 2013, the fashion, which arrived, is of long shirts with trousers. Long shirts can be seen everywhere even in the designers shop. Nowadays, most long shirts have pockets on them. Back printed, front simple along with tights, looks very decent and attractive. Self-printed fabrics used by designers to make new style clothes now. This self-printing done by digital printers looks very admirable. Digital printing let a person to make a wide range of designs. After digital printing there is not much need of embroidery or laces on the cloth because it it self looks very beautiful and attractive. These digitally printed clothes used to make latest dress designs.

In 2013, latest dress design for summers does not just include simple dresses. It also includes dresses for the women who have recently married. Frocks with beads or embroidery on it look extremely attractive. Married woman should wear bright color dresses. Women today, also likes to wear different colored patches long shirts. Half of the shirt contains one color and half of the dress with very different color. Motives stitched at the back of the shirt that looks very attractive also.

World today is moving very fast. People today do not go for extremely fitting clothes. They prefer to wear loose dresses. Best choice for the girls of this type is loose shirts and loose trousers. Fashion is not for girls only. Boys today also dress up in a very fashionable manner. They usually wear Bermudas r baggy pants. They also like to wear formal shirts with formal pants or jeans. In parties or in wedding ceremonies men used to wear suits. In Pakistan, on the first day of wedding ceremony, known as mehndi, boys like to wear shalwaar kameez with colorful piece of cloth in their neck.
kameez. Girls of 2013 mostly like to wear jeans with Short loose shirts in colleges or universities.