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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mother of the gods

May holidays in our country - this time, picnics and hiking, rafting and trips to the cottage. All missed the gentle sun, warm breeze, fresh air and a sense of freedom and oneness with the world, awakened from hibernation. took a tent, uncovered a range of tourist and armed layfhakami for camping, going on nature. Here are some cool things can come in handy.

Tablecloth bag. 

 Use a soft mat puzzle to insulate the floor of the tent. 
Pants picnic. 
 Cooler bag with speakers. 
 Mobile led bar. 
 Hanging a hammock-tent. 
 Brave choice for adventurers. 
 If you forget the BBQ. 
 If you forget the skewers, but accidentally grabbed a rake.
 Mushrooms with cheese wrapped in bacon on the grill. What could be more delicious? 
 For a romantic night get-togethers. 
 For watermelon Frechet. 
 Inflatable twister. 
 If you and your chair. 
 Homemade shower. 
 Tent of the grid and a few bright pillows sozdatut right mood. 
 Favorite spices can be packaged in box from under the Tic-Tac pills. 
 Cotton pads soaked in wax - great kindling for the fire. 
 And they say, if you add the fire sage, it will scare away mosquitoes and other insects.