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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Burning Man festival

First Monday in September is traditionally the last day of becoming famous Burning Man festival in the United States, defined by the organizers as "an experiment to create a community of radical self-expression." TJournal gathered the best Instagram-photos of spectators and participants.

First Burning Man with burning wooden effigy was held in 1986 in San Francisco. Participation in this event then took a small group of friends. Over the next years the festival has grown in scale and moved to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.
"Radical self-expression" is that all the participants for eight days abandon their ordinary life in order to spend the night in a tent camp and follow the principles of community - in particular, practiced a complete rejection of money, declared the principles of radical inclusion, self-reliance and responsibility. 
An important part of the event - decorated and camouflaged vehicles and works of art, from paintings to installations and performances of various genres. Representatives of Russia for the first time received a grant for placing his art object only in 2013, and their installation Cradle of MIR has become one of the main attractions of Burning Man-2013. 
Frequent visitors to Burning Man - the leaders of IT-industry United States, like  Mark Zuckerberg,  Sergey Brin and Elon Musk.
In 2014, the festival almost was under threat due to heavy rains in Nevada. Vagaries of the weather, however, did not stop to spend a significant part of the planned activities, among which is traditionally the main thing - the burning of a huge human figure made of wood, which gave the name to the whole festival Burning Man. At the same time, and burned part of the exhibits and installations. 
TJournal gathered the best Instagram-shots, the atmosphere of the legendary festival.