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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Salwar Suit by vaikunth fabrics

Vaikunth fabrics is a leading manufacturer & exporter proudly based in Surat,India. We have many delighted clients from overall world for Indian Ethnic Fashion.We consistently strive to interpret and re-invent this category, to cater to lovers of Indian fashion from around the world. A one stop online platform offering the widest variety of popular and trendy ethnic fashion. OUR POLICY THE PRODUCT WILL COME 98 % SAME .IF THE PRODUCT IS DAMAGED OR STAINED THAN ONLY WE CAN REPLACE THE PRODUCTS. IN ANY OTHER CASE WE CAN'T TAKE IT RETURN. COLOR MAY BE DIFFERENT BCOZ OF LIGHTING.

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Bollywood Designer Party Suit

Ethnic Bollywood Designer Party wear Semi-Stitched Stalwart Suit with chiffon Dupatta - Online Shopping for Salwar Suit by Bollywood Celebrity Fashion.
We run a very comprehensive Buyer Protection rules in house so that buyers are 100% protected and experiences trust and comfort for online shopping. We assure you that all the products you buy from our store are genuine, authentic and at the best prices possible.


Beautifully designed Half-Half pattern saree, half is of pink georgette and another half is of jaquard with golden coating.Saree is with beautiful and broad lace border. Comes with a blouse piece having embroidery for sleeves.

Different Sherwani Sherwani

 Groom (Dulha) Stylish and Different Sherwani Designs 2013-14 by THARA’S

Bridal Dresses

Latest Bridal Wear Anarkali Dresses 2014-15 For Girls By Brides Galleria.

Frock Long Dresses

Most Styles Churidar Frock Long Dresses 2014 Collection For Girls by Anarkali.

Collection dresses

Latest Anarkali Suit Collection dresses outfits for women 2013-14.


Ramsha is the choice of those who believes in creativity and gives a stunning dream that floats in her mind and can be felt with pulses of heart. 

Mehndi Designs

Today the creative team of Fashionshug is posted most recent & exclusive Mehndi Designs 2013-14 for Christmas brides and for the New year celebration parties,

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Frock Style Girls Dresses

Latest New Pakistani Frock Style Dresses Collection 2014-2015

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

expensive room in the seven-star hotel in Dubai

The world is ruled by love and eternal values? Rationalism and convenience? No! The main thing - it's money, lots of money! Two-story room in the legendary Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai with two bedrooms and an office, a total area of ​​780 sq.m. underline in every detail that guests are really the people who run the world. By sheikhs and presidents to oligarchs and celebrities. And yet there live bloggers. The hotel rooms of two, they are located on the top floor. They almost always busy, but by good fortune one of them was free at the sunny autumn morning
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Bewafa Song Compilation

Movie : Sanam Bewafa, Music Director: Mahesh-Kishor, Singers: Lata Mangeshkar, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Vipin Sachdeva and Vivek Verma, Director: Saawan Kumar Tak, Enjoy this super hit song from the 1991 movie Sanam Bewafa starring Salman Khan, Chandni, Kanchan, Pran and Danny Denzongpa.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Latest Frocks Fashion Trends

 Pakistan is known for designing beautiful and stylish frocks which gives a real adorable and elegant look. Numerous types of frocks have been designed for women for casual, formal or party events. Designers have evolved this dress style in truly innovative styles and trends however the base is same. Latest frocks collections of designers consist of huge variety and styles of frocks which have been launched in India and Pakistan. Taking in account the upcoming season they have launched their collections for women. Latest Fashion Trends Frocks Designs 2014 in Pakistan and India includes different styles which we like to describe one by one because of vastness of style and types of these frocks. 

Exciting folding paper

Studying graphic design in college, German artist Peter Dehmenu given the task to create a 3D object from a paper. But he soon ran into a problem. Regardless of the fact that he created, there was no way to take him to college work safely, getting by using the subway. Rather than risk his labor, he made ​​his sculptures by type, folding books, so they can be safely fold and unfold. It was a fateful decision that changed his life. He is constantly working on the structure of his creations, complicating and modifying them, which ultimately led to the fact that he turned into a paper engineer modeling.
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Sunday, 14 December 2014

20 amazing gift for gourmets

A man who knows a lot about food, give gifts is a pleasure, because now so many cute and creative adaptations for food that they necessarily want someone to give. These brilliant gifts are a great way to please the sophisticated gourmet lover or cute to eat something tasty.
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11 excellent phone for all occasions

Best Screen

Photo: Samsung
The newest of the biggest phones Samsung, which is praised in the first 5.7-inch screen some absolutely transcendent clarity. 1440 x 2560 and 515 dpi - despite the fact that 400 points seems to be enough so that the image seemed printed on glossy paper (adding that his species Galaxy Note Edge  for 50 thousand rubles this screen is still not entirely clear why bends sideways). If Galaxy Note 4 and nagging, over the senseless options like monitor cardiac activity, trash wrapper TouchWiz interface and design in general - but this is usually the case with the Samsung history. In general, it seems, the beauty and simplicity of iOS - the only one remaining from Apple loversarguments say that the iPhone 6 will still steeper. Let's say the last time, before over Phablet joked.Laugh at their gigantic size, laughed at the stylus. A couple of years ago in tehblogah warned that with this phone you will look like a fool and eventually die of despair and anguish. Now all manufacturers produce Phablet. Phone giants - with a diagonal of 5.5 inches longer - predict  a third of the market in a couple of years. The stylus also turns out to be a very useful thing when it comes to working with tables, small text or two windows open on your screen at once (Samsung knows and so). And now, The New York Times announces that the Galaxy Note 4 gives us as much of the future of personal computers.
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12 models of phones

12 models of phones with the most bizarre designA few decades ago to replace pagers came mobile phones that could only send and receive messages, and today we are using smartphones. Modern devices have a number of important functions: quality of the camera to the PC with internet access, as well as built-in music player.Within a short period of rough bulky models, they become a light elegant luxury, and this gained popularity. In addition, the designers have developed a very strange appearance model and equipped them with additional options, which nobody asked. We offer an overview of these unusual models that the company tried to sell.
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14 reason constantly feel tired

© www.luxfon.comIn permanent fatigue have their own reasons, and with him you can fight

Lack of sleep - this is not the only thing that saps your strength. Some minor things that you do (or do not) can also exhaust you both physically and mentally. Experts have revealed some bad habits that cause chronic fatigue. They also found a few simple tricks you back vivacity.

Photos Of The Year

Twisted Sifter Journal summed up the year and chose the best pictures about the precious moments of our lives.

Our world is incredibly beautiful, and photographers from around the world never tire of reminding us about it. Most inspiring pictures we publish your pages renowned magazine Twisted Sifter, who summed up the entire 2013 and chose the best photos. is a comprehensive collection of really impressive and noteworthy shots.

100. Mirror room

 Maris Hatchinson

99. The Green Mile

Friday, 12 December 2014

Wonders Of Islamic Architecture

In the Muslim world, mosques, can boast of the most intricate and elegant architecture ever created by mankind. To cover all the examples of this bewildering art, not enough of one article, so today, we want to focus on the amazing ceilings of mosques.
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25 metro stations, which redefines the subway

In the modern metropolis metro - the most popular form of transport. It happens that the architects of the subway manages to turn an ordinary vehicle into a work of art. Such structures are attractions of the city, and the descent into the subway - this tour. is the best metro station, which can be safely called architectural masterpieces.
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film scanner old camera film Instagram.

Grab the seemingly useless old film strips from your old photos and scan them directly into your phone for some #tbt goodness in minutes.
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Thursday, 11 December 2014

16 devices, dreams of your smartphone

Your iPhone or Android - cool stuff, even without additional lotions. But you will sooner or later start to get bored and look for fun on the side. So we offer 16 additional devices, which diversify your relationship with your smartphone.

5 Most rare Genetic Diseases


Home smartfonografii commandment: no matter how steep the camera - it is important, with whom he in his hands. And for the most gorgeous SLR can be clear, but boring photos. Such that lie on the disk, and none of their years not open.
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10 Accessories For Mobile Cameras

Today, to make a really cool picture or a video quality does not necessarily have a SLR camera or camcorder. Oddly enough, many professional photographers are increasingly opting for mobile camera instead of complex equipment. Now the school is actively developing mobile photography.Here you can see and subscribe to Instagram on the coolest photographers on the iPhone (they really do masterpieces).

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Which it is difficult to believe

At the sight of these pictures by itself raises the question, "It's definitely not a photoshop?"

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35 Frightening and Beautiful

These charming photographs of abandoned towns and regions give us a unique opportunity to see how this would be a world without people.

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Like in the movies: 20 roads that must pass each

Will open a full range of visual impressions from the Scottish nature - detached, rough, but very effective.

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10 iconic phones of the past decade

Well-known company for the production of mobile devices began to flourish in the dashing 90-s, at the dawn of the new century not just surprise us better phones that seemed to have and you can imagine. 

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Moments Right Before

Have you seen “Seconds before disaster” aired on the National Geographic? Well, it certainly shows the moments that are captured right before the disaster takes place. The beauty of those moments is that the person involved in the disaster might be noticed smiling, swinging, swaying but seconds after the disaster, he is seen moaning, weeping and screaming. Such a transition is interesting as well as hilarious for us to see. Let’s check out some of the more accidents that are about to just happen.

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Do not forget about sleep

12 tips on how to achieve success and self-control

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3 recipes for sea buckthorn tea winter day

In sea buckthorn contains twice as much vitamin C than citrus, and twice more vitamin E than wheat oil. A sea buckthorn tea supports the body in good shape and treats colds. Therefore chose three simple recipe of the drink.

Say about Diet and Exercise

When are people going to stop asking, “Which is better for weight loss: dieting or exercise?”

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Speed on Titan

Satellite view of Saturn - Titan - Artist's conception

Monday, 8 December 2014

Facts about space

Sometimes it is very difficult to imagine how huge a space. We can observe only a small part of the universe and the Earth - it's just a small stage in a vast space. Here are some interesting facts about space, which might make you think about your place in this world.
Facts about space that will make you feel like a tiny space, planets, stars, facts, informative, interesting
1. The sun is 99.8 percent of the mass of the solar system.