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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

10 iconic phones of the past decade

Well-known company for the production of mobile devices began to flourish in the dashing 90-s, at the dawn of the new century not just surprise us better phones that seemed to have and you can imagine. 

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Produced an abundance of mobile devices now so great that keep track of all the news is simply impossible. And just a couple of years ago this was not: no you iPhone with perfect design and no Nokia's 40-megapixel camera. Everything was simple and tasteful, but then we thought otherwise.Naked Science presents you with a selection of iconic phones of the early 21 th century. If you had at least one of these devices, then you are guaranteed nostalgia.
Who does not remember the "brick", he does not know anything about the history of phones. Nokia 3210 (along with the replacement of its later 3310) - is probably the most iconic device of the Finnish company. For example, one of the first black-and-white mobile devices with built-in antenna inside. It has been the game "Snake", "Memory" and "Rotation", as well as built-in picture-postcards that can be sent by SMS.  Model 3210 was released in 1999 and 3310 a year later. They both had a huge commercial success. The main emphasis has been on the young company, so the price of these devices was acceptable, and that affected the success of the product. 

Siemens Mobile Division of Siemens AG until 2005 to produce phones that everyone remembers.However, the company has existed not so long and because of the lack of competitiveness and the subsequent financial problems the company was sold to BenQ. But it does not matter, what matters is that it is in this brand phones were first introduced innovations such as color screen, MP3-player, shapes factor "slider" and memory cards. Because of sufficiently high quality and relatively low cost of the brand Siemens Soup enjoyed popularity in the CIS, as well as in some European countries. Since 65 series, Siemens cell phones in the world have become much less popular, but in Russia this trend is not discernible. Therefore, our choice for establishing the list fell on two models of Siemens - C65 and CX65.

If the low-end model C65 boasted basically just his memorable design, the CX65 besides beautiful appearance had a couple of bells and whistles. According to the standards in the unit was incredibly large and high-quality display; creators also equipped with an infrared port CX65, GPRS, Camera 0.3 MP, JAVA support and internal memory is 11 MB. "Flagship" phone Siemens CX65, released in 2004, was supposed to compete with Nokia 6020 and Sony Ericsson K500.