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Sunday, 14 December 2014

11 excellent phone for all occasions

Best Screen

Photo: Samsung
The newest of the biggest phones Samsung, which is praised in the first 5.7-inch screen some absolutely transcendent clarity. 1440 x 2560 and 515 dpi - despite the fact that 400 points seems to be enough so that the image seemed printed on glossy paper (adding that his species Galaxy Note Edge  for 50 thousand rubles this screen is still not entirely clear why bends sideways). If Galaxy Note 4 and nagging, over the senseless options like monitor cardiac activity, trash wrapper TouchWiz interface and design in general - but this is usually the case with the Samsung history. In general, it seems, the beauty and simplicity of iOS - the only one remaining from Apple loversarguments say that the iPhone 6 will still steeper. Let's say the last time, before over Phablet joked.Laugh at their gigantic size, laughed at the stylus. A couple of years ago in tehblogah warned that with this phone you will look like a fool and eventually die of despair and anguish. Now all manufacturers produce Phablet. Phone giants - with a diagonal of 5.5 inches longer - predict  a third of the market in a couple of years. The stylus also turns out to be a very useful thing when it comes to working with tables, small text or two windows open on your screen at once (Samsung knows and so). And now, The New York Times announces that the Galaxy Note 4 gives us as much of the future of personal computers.
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Nexus 6
Best pure android

Photo: Motorola
However, it is believed that a month later, the press will call Phablet here this phone made ​​by Motorola on behalf of Google. Its screen is slightly worse than the Galaxy Note 4, but even more - 6 inches, that is, with a diagonal, like a small tablet. In general, the characteristics of his more or less the same, but the main reason why people buy guglofony is the Android operating system without any modifications, skins and other things. They were the first to get updates androidovskie, and, say, on the Nexus 6 immediately put a new version of Android Lollipop . Well, it will cost less than the Galaxy Note 4.
Huawei Ascend Mate7
Best interface shovels

Photo: Huawei
And again, a giant with a 6-inch screen, and an impressive specification, among other things, a very large battery of 4100 mAh - users promise two days without recharging. Pay attention should be at least another two circumstances. The first - the interface Emotion UI , which uses Huawei in their phones to slightly turn the Android iOS. The most notable feature of it - no internal androidovskoy folder with applications, which usually reduces the control freaks crazy: all applications are located just on the home desktop. The second - the prices of Chinese companies Huawei, begins with the supply of some units for cellular networks, and now with the Samsung and Apple included in the top three  world's largest handset manufacturers. Huawei provides roughly the same remarkable androids as the other, just a little bit cheaper. That is, if the Ascend do not like or seem expensive (it really is not very cheap, but this is an exception), see their previous Phablet for 15-17 thousand rubles.
OnePlus One
Best experiment

Photo: OnePlus One
Against the background of the above Phablet looks modest, if only because all its diagonal of 5.5 inches. In short, this is a fairly powerful handheld computer with a very good camera, a little worse or a little better than others; Most importantly, the most expensive 64-gigabyte model OnePlus One costs just $ 350 (in Russian dealers can buy it for 18 thousand rubles). The second achievement of the Chinese startup OnePlus lies rather in the field of experimental distribution.Their only phone now officially sold by invitation only. That is, through a friend, as if it comes to access to the new site or application. Hence the noise on the Internet, that in itself is a feat, considering how difficult it is to draw attention to anyone not well-known manufacturers phones from China.  
Galaxy Alpha
Best iPhone Samsung

Photo: Samsung
Fresh and extremely flavorful samsungovsky phone from the category of cheap. He has a 4.7-inch diagonal (like the iPhone 6), metal frame and general appearance, reminiscent of someone known.If we talk about the technical indicators on the whole Galaxy Alpha even better. The phone supports LTE Advanced (the fastest wireless connection speeds of up to 300 Mbit / s), shoots video in 4K format and, despite the relatively small battery holds a charge all day, as the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5. However, there is a suspicion that not all phones are selected, focusing on numbers and records, otherwise how to explain the relative success of HTC One, Moto X and other medium androids with humane screen size . Therefore, we think, among the shock of things here still metal frame, compact and all the things that made ​​The Verge called  Galaxy Alpha «the most beautiful samsungovskim phone."
Mi 4
The best Chinese iPhone

Photo: Xiaomi
The latest release of the company Xiaomi («Xiaomei," if you follow the traditional Russian-Chinese Pinyin, although there are no less popular option "shaomi") and, probably, in general, the android phones among a diagonal of 5 inches or so. Recall for those who missed: Xiaomi called for outstanding Chinese Apple devices, human interfaces (speech about MIUI , another firmware for android, which pretends to iOS), crazy sales growth and not least for the fad in the design and detail of its founder Leah Juna, famous for its jeans, black turtleneck and presentations, where he sometimes repeats for Jobs phrase «One more thing». There is, however, one important difference - the phone cheaper iPhone 4 Mi 6 twice, even if buying from speculators in Russia.
YotaPhone 2
Best second screen

Photo: YotaPhone
Invented in Russia telephone average characteristics and size with amazing detail - the second screen of the electronic paper. It displays the text, maps, checklists, and other incoming data, which are then available to the user when the phone is discharged. YotaPhone warmly welcomed by foreign journalists, telephone awarded prizes for innovation, but sales of the first models were, to put it mildly, modest . The starting price of 20 000 rubles, probably was too high, and the second screen - not too comfortable: they run by a separate panel. Disadvantages must correct the following model YotaPhone 2. About her little is known, but it is said that the paper will be fully touch screen and it even calls can be made.
Amazon Fire Phone
Best Concept Phone

Photo: Amazon
The creators amazonovskogo phone invented and implemented a lot of interesting ideas to make a local hit, comparable to, say, the tablet Kindle Fire: a three-dimensional screen, chat with a live advisor, unlimited cloud storage for photos. Even more interesting is their attempt to rethink the purpose of the mobile device. Fire Phone - it's probably not even a telephone, a portable payment terminal Amazon. It allows you to order in-store items that a user has photographed on the street.However, hit Fire Phone, it seems, did not become. The company does not disclose sales figures, but lowered the price to one dollar contract, and in the newspapers suggest that buy the phone sluggish.
Lumia 930
Best Windows Phone
This seems to be one of the first phones Lumia, Microsoft Mobile Devices issued after purchase Nokia, he is the flagship of the series with the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 (if that, in September, he had the cheapest model 830). The phone 5-inch screen Full HD, 20-megapixel camera with optical stabilization, wireless charging function and so on. Overall, another great Lumia with the known advantages (tiled interface, with a bunch of maykrosoftovskih cloud) and minus (fewer applications when compared to c App Store and Google Play). Does it move with android or iphone? Yes, God knows. The answer will take more than one page and still be out of the realm of faith, hope and love. But maybe we should wait for the beginning of next year when the show what it looks like on the new Windows phones 10.
Blackberry Passport
Best square phone
Recently released and totally amazing smartphone Blackberry. After a not too successful attempt to release a touchscreen (Model Z10) in the company apparently decided to go back to basics and re-make mobile with buttons for business people. The new Blackberry Passport physical QWERTY-keyboard, but with the support of some gestures impressive parameters (eg, 13-megapixel camera and the battery at 3450 mAh) and completely square touch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 1440. Formally, it can not be called Phablet (diagonal only 4.5 inches), but with one hand with it just can not cope. Reviews in tehblogah yet, alas, mostly mocking.
Nokia 515
The best touch-tone telephone
Oddly enough, manufacturers still produce, and someone will gladly buy phones that do not have a touch screen and access to App Store, but there are physical buttons and battery live a week or more. One of the most decent - last year's Nokia 515 c metal housing, with two slots for SIM cards, 5 megapixel camera and support for 3G (for checking email). If the Internet and the camera does not need to store, Microsoft is still sold for a thousand rubles ficherfony like Nokia 106 with a flashlight. And finally, if you want to really radical option for seniors or children, with large buttons articulate, unpretentious interface and almost endless running time, there is nothing better than Just5  or SpareOne , yet does not seem to come up.