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Sunday, 14 December 2014

12 models of phones

12 models of phones with the most bizarre designA few decades ago to replace pagers came mobile phones that could only send and receive messages, and today we are using smartphones. Modern devices have a number of important functions: quality of the camera to the PC with internet access, as well as built-in music player.Within a short period of rough bulky models, they become a light elegant luxury, and this gained popularity. In addition, the designers have developed a very strange appearance model and equipped them with additional options, which nobody asked. We offer an overview of these unusual models that the company tried to sell.
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Nokia 888
The Nokia 888 - a smartphone-known company for the production of mobile phones. It differs from other body flexibility, which is due to the peculiarities of the active life of adolescents and young adults. The Nokia 888 is available in a variety of formats. You can change the shape of their own, and even try to put it in a small pocket or near the wrist wrap. The battery in your phone are liquid, and control the touch screen and the sound is extremely easy.
Nokia 3250
Nokia 3250 has been created in 2006 with additional options for music lovers not to carry extra devices. Another feature was that the bottom of the phone with the control panel by the owner turned in different directions, so that in any position can be controlled by either the camera or the player. Size The camera can capture high-quality images. But dignity could easily become a disadvantage, many complained about the difficulty in management.
Nova EC107
The Chinese company Shenzhen Hop Industrial has created a compact and lightweight Nova EC 107. The phone with the ability to view videos and play music and weighing 40 grams is enough space for 2-inch touch screen, FM radio, micro SD card. Recharging takes place via cable USB, which allows you to synchronize your phone with your computer. Model awarded two awards from Guinness as the easiest and most smart phone on the planet.
Hyundai MP 280
Model 2005 release is very similar to most of the popular folding phones at the time, but one especially - when the phone is revealed to call automatically from the built-in mechanism jetted little perfume Marc Jacobs EDP. The model was quite expensive, $ 1,200.
Telson TWC 1150
Telson TWC 1150 function hours, phone and camera was released in 2004. The phone was put on the wrist. This strange creature was equipped with the voice recognition, organizer and digital camera. In addition, for the convenience of the phone has been equipped with infrared headphones that provide security during a conversation without the use of conventional headphones. Despite the fact that the phone weighs just 98 grams, a popular model, he did not.
Chinese phone in the form of a pack of cigarettes
China - the most overpopulated country in the world, and hundreds of millions of Chinese are heavy smokers. The company took advantage of this fact and has created a mobile phone that resembles a normal packet of cigarettes. Model cost $ 175 was equipped with micro SD cards, MP3 player and a color screen. In the body of the phone, in a special section, you can store a real cigarette.
Toshiba G450
Toshiba has released the 2008 G450 with a unique design that did not resemble a telephone on the market at the time. It was used as a modem and as a phone, and resembles a stick. Appearance and slim body caused difficulties encountered in the management of the phone. Besides phone functions were limited to a small screen, the lack of Bluetooth and other useful options.
Bang and Olufsen Serene
Mobile phone companies from Serene Bang and Olufsen and Samsung is a device which combines the functions of television and radio. The keyboard was placed in a circle, and the aluminum docking station allows you to flip the display when it is on the table. The phone is not equipped with headphones, but there are three built-in tunes that signaled that the call was received, or for alarm. Get a phone can be had for 1,275 dollars.
Thunder Super Radio Hi-Fi
Thunder Super Radio Hi-Fi
After the release of the phone has attracted the attention of many journalists, although outside the market in Taiwan, he did not leave. It was created for those who want to make calls and listen to music on one device. Small speakers provided poor quality and weak sound, so it was decided to equip the phone with the back of the high-grade speakers with FM / AM radio.
Phone Nokia "Green" - we charge
Phone Nokia "Green", also known as "phone with soda," was developed Daisy Sheng. Outwardly, he looked like a tube of a chemical laboratory, but it's a designer product. Sheng wanted to create a mobile phone is not with lithium, and a clean biobatareykoy that could use soda as a source of energy.
In 2009, at a trade show CEATEC was presented a prototype mobile phone from Fujitsu called "hamelefon." This is a very small phone from designer Hiroyuki Tabuchi, which is able to acquire the appearance of the surface on which it lies. Over time, technology improved and the phone becomes virtually invisible on any surface that has become a real problem for those who often loses phones.
It is a concept phone that combines the functions of the robot and the appearance of the embryo. He speaks the voice of your interlocutor and even passes his emotions on a kind of "face" the phone and makes movement parts "of the body." The first model was presented to the Japanese professor Hiroshi Ishtguro at a press conference in 2011, but has not yet entered the market.