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Sunday, 14 December 2014

20 amazing gift for gourmets

A man who knows a lot about food, give gifts is a pleasure, because now so many cute and creative adaptations for food that they necessarily want someone to give. These brilliant gifts are a great way to please the sophisticated gourmet lover or cute to eat something tasty.
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Metallic spray for citrus 2

Watermelon tent

Bed-burger 2

Stamp with panda toast 3

Incredibly realistic soap in the form of food

Spoon into a mint horn
Scissors for pizza

Fish will help separate the yolks from the whites

Moulds in the form of a skull for eggs

Moulds in the form of a skull for eggs 2

Metallic spray for citrus

Mug with pocket for cookies
Rolling pin engraved
Rolling pin engraved with 3
Now, there was such an incredible amount of not only useful, but also fun 
accessories for the kitchen, just look at first. And if you can boast a pretty gift for the gourmet, we will be happy to see your photos in the comments.