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Thursday, 11 December 2014


Home smartfonografii commandment: no matter how steep the camera - it is important, with whom he in his hands. And for the most gorgeous SLR can be clear, but boring photos. Such that lie on the disk, and none of their years not open.
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And you can do interesting photos on a smartphone, especially since this technique is always with you, it is not necessary for a long time and uncovering not forget to remove the lens cap. And the majority of smartphones cheaper DSLRs, which is also very pleasing. AdMe offered advice on how to make cool pictures, shooting on a smartphone.
The camera in the smartphone - is primarily a program serving the lens and matrix. So do not dwell on the fact that dictates iOS or Android. You might want to use different programs for different occasions shooting. Some give more interesting colors, others - a little bigger plans: Pudding Camera, CameraMX, Photosynth, VSCO Cam, Slow shutter cam, Pro HDR, Camera +, and so on. D. Why limit yourself if there is a choice?

Selecting a program, it is necessary to delve into the settings. Set high resolution images, remember that you can play in difficult cases, white balance, ISO, and disable auto focus. And anyway to find out what interesting things can create a specific program.
The fact that the smartphone has a digital zoom, it is better to forget once and for all. This increase is achieved, in most cases, serious loss of image quality. Best zoom - it's feet: come closer, move on.

If this is not possible, it is reasonable in the process of post-processing to cut out a large photograph a specific frame. Cropping have even the simplest programs. Plus, you do not lose time to match the size and just shoot. And in a relaxed environment you competently to build a frame without missing details that you might accidentally cut off, wielding zoom in the field.
Use the burst mode. Subsequently, you can choose the most successful picture and just get on with it. And before you delete photos from your smartphone, no harm will view them on your computer, as on the small screen phone, you may not notice the good pictures just because they seem exposed ares or underexposed.

When taking pictures of something or someone, do not be afraid to change camera angles. You can take a picture of head-on, but you can slightly change the angle and get an interesting shot. The more compact smartphone that enables you to take angles for which the photographer with big camera have pretty sweat.

Flash on a smartphone should be used very carefully. As a rule, it is "dead" picture distorts the colors and shadows. The flash is good only when it is necessary to take pictures immediately, otherwise miss this moment.
At the same time the light - this is the main tool of the photographer. This is important for professional cameras, but for smartphones - it is more important at times. So always look for light, watching, as he lies down on the object, and you will be shot.

Good light in the morning and evening. At solar noon will have to work with too high contrast, which threatens artifacts in images. Luxury effects gives the sky before the storm.
If you want to take a picture of something or someone's home, the smartphone can be stubborn - indoors rarely enough light. But you can take a simple LED flashlight and a sheet of white paper to compensate for too sharp a shadow. Let's say the top right shines a flashlight on the left tray sheet of white paper, which reflects the flashlight and further highlights the object and press the button on the phone.

It would seem that the obvious thing - clean the lens, but it is often caught smartfonografii lovers.Phone is used constantly, is in the pocket, and when you take it to answer the call or SMS, least of all remember that left a fingerprint on a piece of glass lens. When shooting the mark gives, of course, easy mysterious blur, but, as a rule, this effect you do not wait for the conceived image.

It is important to take into account the fact that the recording program in smartphone in most cases is triggered with a delay. You have clicked the button, and the camera still thinking before you make a picture. Therefore, it is important to think in advance as a hunter who shoots not hare, and in the place where, according to his hypothesis, the hare would be next.

For example, photographing a flower box, and windy that day, you have to take into account the response speed of the camera and at the same time to catch the moment between the gusts of wind.It is difficult, but the result will be more valuable because of the effort.
Postprocessing photos engaged in the majority of professional photographers, absolutely always in commercial photography, and for smartfonografii is a vital necessity. You can not tighten up the shutter speed and aperture on the smartphone. This limitation is offset by a variety of post-processing programs. This sverhizvestnye all Instagram and Flickr.

  • VSCO Cam. Allows you to apply a variety of filters and settings. Distributed free of charge.
    Afterlight. Good for color correction. It is worth 33 rubles.
  • Touch retouch. This simple tool allows you to remove small defects on the image and clone parts of an image. There are free and paid versions.
  • Snapseed . A huge number of filters and effects, such as tilt-shift and adjust the focus, color and sharpness adjustment. Distributed free of charge.
  • Pixlr Express. A wide range of filters, frames, effects. Completely free.
  • Photoshop Express. No special settings does not, but a lot of different filters that make processing as fast as possible. Can work with files RAW. Shareware.
  • Rookie . There are both free and paid feature set. In the standard application package set of vintage filters adapted to the different genres of photography: portraits, landscapes, urban sketches, macro, and so on. N.
  • Phonto . Allows you to add a photo to any fonts as desired. Distributed free of charge.
  • Moldiv . Free application in Russian, which allows you to make collages, combining up to 9 shots.
  • MultiExpo . Interesting application for creating multiple exposure effect. Distributed free of charge.
  • Photo Grid. A free application for creating collages. Can work with files in high resolution.
  • LensLight . The application allows you to add effects glare, glow and bokeh in the photo. Costs 99 rubles.
If all the opportunity to explore the length and breadth, and want more, but still mobile, you can look after yourself a special lens to your smartphone. The price range starts from 700 rubles, and a range of sizes - from buttons of which is fastened a pin on the phone. Come to the aid of the matrix of additional optics and new tools for masterpieces. Choice of glass, of course, is not so great as to professional cameras, but honest telephoto, wide-angle and fisheye lens you can buy.

Most importantly, what it is worth remembering, planning ingenious frame as a professional camera, and smartphones - this composition. On it you can read the manuals for photographers, for artists, books on art. We will not talk about it in detail, we note only that in any program for photography smartphone has a grid of two horizontal and two vertical lines. This thing is called the "golden section" and is very valuable for any artist, whatever he drew.