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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Photos Of The Year

Twisted Sifter Journal summed up the year and chose the best pictures about the precious moments of our lives.

Our world is incredibly beautiful, and photographers from around the world never tire of reminding us about it. Most inspiring pictures we publish your pages renowned magazine Twisted Sifter, who summed up the entire 2013 and chose the best photos. is a comprehensive collection of really impressive and noteworthy shots.

100. Mirror room

 Maris Hatchinson

99. The Green Mile


98. Occupational Safety and Health, 1926

97. Frozen water flow

96. Shadow

 Scott Hotaling

95. Selyyalandsfoss, Iceland

 Howard Ignatius

94. The power of the ocean

 Thiago Pinheiro

93. Sydney through a glass of wine

 Denia Roberts

92. Make Music Not War

 Mikhail Evstafiev

91. Sight

Sick_Nerd_Baller на Reddit

90. Light fan

jareyjareyjareyjarey on Reddit

89. Remember

 Kevin Wolf

88. Starry Night

 Justin Kern

87. Pticepes

 Megan White

86. Amsterdam from a height

 Triplen01 on Reddit

85. Moose in the mist

 Stevie Voll

84. Let there be light

 Lin Tung

83. Happy Fox

 Roselyne Raymond

82. Tornado

 Robert Edmonds

81. miski dojo

 Eurika Zimbres

80. Fire Opal

 Jeff Schultz

79. The first man in space with knapsack


78. Frozen Lighthouse

77. Snail

 She Bedek

76. Fire House

 John Fowler

75. The face of the iceberg

strummingmusic on Reddit

74. Storm

 Haley Moon

73. Разобранный VW GOLF

 Hans Hansen

72. Clouds

 Andreas M.

71. The highest waterfall in the world

 Human Klwkovskï

70. Kit-albinos

 Jenny Dean

69. Reflection

 Laura Williams

68. The Japanese maple in Portland

 Scott Mak-Kraken

67. Cave in Mexico

 Alexander Wang drsa

66. The light show at the Grand Canyon

 Rolf Meder

65. Above the clouds

 Rado Gadoshi

64. The gorge at Watkins Glen

 Peter Rivera

63. Raduzhnaya Antarctica

 Wondrous Strauss

62. Kid musk ox

 Randy Koke

61. UFO over Siэtlom

 NothingI5True на Reddit

60. Cologne Cathedral during the Second World

 Kevin Trotman

59. Night Hong Kong

 Ben Sprenh

58. Waitomo

57. tornado Adriatic

 Roberto Gudichi

56. The terms of the rainbow

 Jennifer Hanuh

55. Tools

 Greg Satter

54. Earth from Saturn


53. Sunrise

 Anton Yankovoy

52. The House in San Francisco

 Håkan Dahlström

51. Burn!

 Kavika Singson

50. Fog in San Francisco

 David Yu

49. Yale University Library

 Lauren Manning

48. Sunset in Santorini

 Pedro Szhekeli

47. Heavenly whale

 Dave on Flickr

46. ​​Art in Nature

 Nuksuno Ksan

45. Clouds over Timisoara

 Erwin Boer

44. Old Beech

 Christoph Kisak

43. Eclipse

 Philip Kalais

41. That is the kind of

40. cherry blossoms

 Rafael Reis

39. Converted barn

 Architect Roderick James

38. Face

 Archie Kэmpbell

37. Raznotsvetnыy iceberg

 Ouvid Tangyen

36. Just a house

 Omegatron of Wikimedia Commons

35. Pool

 Trej Ratkliff

34. Abandoned Station in Paris

 Mr. Bubu on Flickr

33. Friends

 Candice Series

32. Wave

 A. Angle

31. The ancient tree

 James Brandon

30. Frozen in time

 Bruce Hood

29. The first flight

28. The moon over Los Angeles

27. Ice waterfall


26. Big cat

 Matching Santoni

25. Rainbow in Paris

 Bertrand Kulik

24. Ice Cave in Kamchatka

 Mark shell

23. The coolest entrance to the subway

 Abigal Gevitt

22. Cloud Tsunami

 Harry Brink

21. Aurora from Space



 Cell Hill

19. The coolest duck

 ubomw on Reddit

18. The Edge of Madness

 Joe McNally

17. A spiral staircase

 Colin / Wikimedia Commons

16. Whiskey with ice

15. Stained Glass

 Bob Sacha

14. Medusa

 Alexander Semenov

13. Forces of Nature

 Martin Ritz

12. Train with coal at sunset

 Tom Danneman

11. Top view

10. Landscape on adhesive tape

 Takaxiro Ivasaki

9. Norway

 Simo Räsänen

8. Frozen ice after floods

 Willyyz on Reddit

7. Eye of the Moon

6. Self-Portrait


5. Cloud City, Dubai

 Sebastian Optiz

4. Contrast in Krakow

 Martin Rыzhek

3. Flower carpet in Brussels

 Gaston Battistini

2. Nature and the Great Wall of China

 Trej Ratkliff

1. Sunrise on Easter Island

 Pierre Lyessaj